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Thursday, August 7, 2008

News & Updates #10


So, what a session, huh? It's kinda fun playing the political mediator. Finding a way to explain away the deaths is going to be fun. And, of course, there's so much more in store for you guys within this Port alone... (and I say this not even thinking about the item quests...)

Anyway, there was a few new developments which I have detailed in the relevant pages. I've added information to the following sections: the People, the Places of Héli, the Weapons, the Crest pages for Clèsi and Úshk, and of course, the Riddles.

Enjoy jeering!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Monday, August 4, 2008

News & Updates #9

Hello again!

Just a quick update guys - I've now added a page which details the named NPCs you guys come across.

Enjoy leering!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Do I Know You?

It is important that we remember those who have gone before us. And, perhaps it may be useful to remember who certain people were. So, in this section, I will provide some detail about the more important characters (i.e. the ones that I gave names to) that you guys meet in your journeys...

Aéri: This is the name of the most recent Flàré of Ynèré. Àléna told the group this name.

Àléna: A flighty, off-with-the-fairies elf who just so happens to be the Flàré of Éru. She is a Druid and has a cheetah animal companion named Elnrà. She spends most of her time looking at flowers and smelling the air. Recently, she obtained the Séiléhsti of her Clan and aged about 80-100 years, making her less childish. It was Loban who found her in the Pewter Plaza of The Forest City of Ràbahna, but it was Caliban and Raigi who helped her feel safe within the group. She decided to tag along with the group on their way to Mégáhre Port, but has now officially joined it.

Árànúré: This healer was the first person we met from the Clan of Éru. She helped us understand what it meant to be Flàré. She also allowed for our safe passage into the Forest City of Ràbahna.

Àré: This provocative and deceitful elf is not one to be meddled with. She is the Flàré of Véri and is very proficient with her abilities, and not just her Flares. Not much else is known about her, but from her visit in the Forest City of Ràbahna, we are all well aware that she is a formidable opponent.

Baín: A little gnome, he is the leader of the Clan of Frònéi. Raigi and Caliban met him o their way to the City of Àéthélle. Not much else is known other than that he is more of a decent person than most of the Clan leaders we have met, and has control of a Griffin Roost

Bàrák: This rather gentlemanly giant is the owner of the Inn of the Prussian Peacock. A middle class establishment in the second circle of Lkíhlà City. Spending only 5 GP a night, with all food and drink 'on the house', he makes it a nice place to stay.

Bò: This seedy looking bloke is the owner and barman of the Black Cat Inn of Mégáhre Port. Other than the good service he provides, not much else is known.

Boròg: This proud dwarf is the armourer for Bhújèr Town. He is very well-known for his works as none of them are ever pre-made. This gives him the title of most famous armourer in all the land - something he is most proud of.

Bòs: The rather small giant is the Marquis of Lkíhlà City. Most only know him as 'the Boss', little know that his actual name is pronounced exactly the same as 'Boss'. This man is ridiculously shy and extremely paranoid. This is the reason why he is never seen outside Fort Lkíhlà.

Cièl: This oddly shaped giant is the owner of the Alchemist in Lkíhlà City. We met while her head was in a bowl of tea, slumped to one side. She happens to deal in the black market and trie to keep this a secret.

D'lànhga: This man owns the Lemon Grass Pub in Port Bélàhm and is known as the most famous barman in the land.

D’Sí-gyk: This is the name of the Fortune-Teller in the Port Bélàhm. He is the most mysterious of all the Fortune-Tellers.

Dárg: This man is a giant of a Giant, being almost twice as tall as any normal sized Giant. He is the personal bodyguard for Bòs and watched the group destroy the creatures near the gate of Lkíhlà City and very kindly gave them extra money for a job done far too quickly.

Darogàn: Known only by name and not yet by face, he is the Marquis of Port Bélàhm.

Erétà: A recent acquaintance known only to Raigi. She is the leader of the Clan of Dàé and owner of the Àrèkàs Farms. She has a particular problem with the bureaucracy that is Mégáhre Port. She is only known the people of the Port as the local farmer, and nothing more...

Féinà: This little gnome is the most renowned weaver throughout all of Héli, living in the Forest City of Ràbahna. He takes so much pride in his work, but has a fast way of speaking due to his want to rush everything. He is still owed money by a deceased character...

Gíndlàé: This lovely little gnome is the proprietor of the Glassblowery in The Forest City of Ràbahna. She is known as the most famous glassblower in the whole of Héli. She was once married to Strúta, a Flàré of Úshk, who lived 350 years ago. She was hording the Obsidian Skull and Raigi was somehow able to pry it from her grasp.

Giréle: This half-giant, halfling is the weirdest, most stubborn, rude, obnoxious, most forgetful and not to mention blind leader of the Clan of Gé there has ever been. We met her when traveling to The Town of Dàlmahs. She stopped us in our tracks and threw spears at us.

Goròg: This goblin is only known by name - she is the leader of the goblins who make their home in the Bleaks, the slums of Mégáhre Port.

Hòrúip: This Dwarf spends most of his time at the bar of the Alley Cat Tavern of Mégáhre Port. A conversation took place bewteen him and Raigi, where he revealed that he worked for Íla. As a result, Raigi now believes that he is a contact for that sect of the Port. Other than that, he is a stumpy young fellow who doesn't like to be bossed around.

Íla: This fine young lady controls about a third of Mégáhre Port through her position of Port Mayor. She is a very powerful lady within the Port and has many tendrils in important places within the Port. Only known by name, she has yet to meet the travelers.

Ináía: This beautiful yet conniving gnome leads the Clan of Lsòla, she is very interested in the stories of other Clans, but happens to have a very healthy respect for all who are Flàré, including the Flàré of Dàé whom one would assume she would be bent on destroying. She leads a small community in an underground labyrinth north of Bhújèr Town. She is very accommodating and helpful to the Flàré, but hates the fact that the simple plebeians get in the rode of the workings of the Crests.

Ishísh: This snappy, fierce slightly-taller-than-normal Dwarf is the leader of the Clan of Ynèré. He is very territorial, but seems to succumb quickly when given information that leads to knowledge of the other Clans. As such, we were able escape easily without the wrath of Ynèré being brought upon us.

Kilèsh: The name is known throughout the land as the bringer of destruction. He is brother to Réinyn and Flàré of Téíq. Not much else is known.

Làki: The not-so-infamous, but nevertheless, well-respected owner of the Lkíhlà Teahouse. Only known for what can only be described as the Giant Tea, she is a motherly giant who knows how to take care of her guests. She cultivates the Rúsé Plant in her own backyard - one of the only places it grows in the whole of Héli. Rúsé Tea is her speciality of course, but it must only be drunk when there is an occasion to celebrate. There are four teas on her shelves that have more than 10 different spices and herbs in them and their names are Úhlyàr, Húsìa, Réahnt, Léi. The only other important tea she sells is the Ríhà Tea, a restorative tea which is known to have the ability to cure almost any ailment.

Làrémaí: This proud member of the Bélàhm Guard spends his every waling hour patrolling the streets, as is part of his job description. Port Bélàhm is known as the safest place to live thanks to his efforts.

Ràníl: The dark and forboding female member of the current Flàré. She belongs to the Clan of Úshk. She was first met by Draven and Caliban when trying to enter the Crown Theatre. It is suspected that she has a tie with Kilèsh, and her long black platt helps to hide it. However, she was given a surprise by the most unlikely of adversaries and it is now known that her allegiances are not clear. Her abilities make her a very strong-minded gnome.

Rayd: This girl, who we all recently met in The Dark, the arena area of The Port-Town of Nàhstre, is in fact the Flàré of Ynèré. In the brief meeting we had, it ws obvious that she never lets here feelings escape her body, in any form what-so-ever. Otherwise, she is basically unknown to us all.

Rayna: Known only by name and status due to the fact the he is the King of Héli. He resides primarily in The City of Àéthélle, even though the capital of the land is The Port Town of Nàhstre.

Réinyn: The most interesting little halfling who wears the same garments as her brother, Kilèsh. She is the Flàré of Gé and met the party by trying taking one of its members hostage. She was the one who told us first about what had happened, and what the Flàré were. She managed to obtain her Gold Màdj in The Town of Dàlmahs, attached it to her Sigil, allowing us to see a transformation, and then she vanished, never to be seen since.

Rihl: This man is known as the best Bowyer in the land. He resides in Mégáhre Port and has spent the majority of his life there. 150 years ago, Àláséa once came to see him, and asked for a case for Piràmé, the Séiléhsti of Dàé. He actually made a copy and was able to produce this for Raigi when he asked for it, much to the surprise of the young Flàré.

Rúkarth: This man is the owner/operator of the Crown Theatre of Mégáhre Port. He is also one of the key forces within the Port Council. He is a selfish, arrogant and quite powerful man. He has control of quite a few people within the council, but only about a third of the total members. His Theatre is his life, he lives and sleeps there, he has a personal guard who are members of the Clan of Dàé thanks to the meddling of Raigi.

Rúsànhti: This is the name of the Fortune-Teller in the Town of Dàlmahs. This is the Fortune-Teller who gave Raigi the Amethyst Dagger. The Fortune-Teller in Mégáhre Port was able to tell Raigi her name.

Rushalèna: This is the name of the Fortune-Teller in Mégáhre Port. The Fortune-Teller in Port Bélahm was able to tell Raigi her name.

Rútà: This is the name of the Fortune-Teller in Bésàh Village. She gave Raigi her own name and told him never to speak of their names again.

Ròbusk: There was a huge gate, and a huge knocker, this giant opened the door to Raigi and Caliban and let them into Lkíhlà City.

Tahn: Not much is known about this gentleman, other than his position - Dockmaster of Mégáhre Port.

Úlnà: The mysterious blacksmith of The Forest City of Ràbahna. He has absolutely no clue about what it means to be a smithy, and he can't even tell the difference between junk and Mythril. However, he was the entrusted keeper of the Topaz Spike, which was guarded by his pet spider, Shílà. A conversation was all that was needed for Raigi to obtain it.

Ulórg: Only Draven has ever met this man. But the meeting was at night. He is the leader of the Clan of Nàrrice.

More on the newer characters when more is known, and, of course, I will update this as necessary with the new named characters we meet.