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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Emblem to Remember

You will remember that the world that we were a part of in the first campaign was a world set well in the past of the current 7 continent version of Córilìce (I say it that way as the inhabitants of Héli didn't really know too much at all of all the other continents). And we know that sometime in the past from now (or the future from the first campaign), there was a disruptive event that changed Héli forever. Now known as Nàbra, that continent has had it's history told (and the parts missing will be added in soon enough), but this is now the story of the present.

The most important thing to know is that the Crests are a thing of the past. In the present day, the people of all the continents worship the Emblems. They are, like the crests, semi-mortal beings that can be called upon, and talked to. They were originally mortals, but since having gained access to vast powers, they aren't going to be dying any time soon. They have their own Champions each, known as Sérèfs, and are lazy in the sense that they effectively task their Sérèf to keep the balance of the elements in check. They will come down and fix things if the Sérèfs don't have much power at the time they need it, but otherwise, they sit in unknown places in a realm similar to that of the Gods.

There are four known Emblems, one for each of the classical elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. And if we remember the past about how the Crests were fused together, and we know the remaining ones, we can begin to guess at who was fused with who... More to come on this soon...

An interesting thing to note is that it seems that most of the Emblems are at odds with the other Emblems. They have differing reasons as to why they dislike them, but for some reason, there is little if any alliances that have been formed between any of them.

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