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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moon Lights

Since the appearance of the Crests, Lànúba (the closest and largest moon with a 21 day cycle) began to change colour. At the turn of the month, when it was a full moon, Lànúba changed its colour to suit to the colour of the Crest named in the new month. And so it came to be that the moon would be coloured.

Lànúke was not originally around at the beginning of time. It was said to have been created by Élèm. With a cycle three times as long as the one of Lànúba, and its full moon coinciding with the first full moon of every season, a new system became known. As Lànúke changed colour, so did the season. Not only that, but at any given time, it was one of the three colours that Lànúba was during that season. Thus, the Days of Reckoning were born - when the two moons were the same colour, and at least one of them was a full moon, the corresponding Crest had a "field day" with the planet.

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