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Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Split Nation

There was once a time when the great continent of Nàbra, now the only continent on Córilìce that has two islands, was a whole land. This time is known as The Unity, and at this time the land was called Héli. There were special people who were born on Héli that had the ability to accept special responsibilities. These people were to eventually become known as the Flàré, and their journey was what the previous campaign was all about. Once these people had come into existence, it would be possible to free the Crests from their dungeons. These journeys were undertaken by four different generations of the people on Héli, and whether they knew it or not, they would undertake what is now known as the Píragòlé. In each generation, a new discovery would be made by the Flàré of the time as the Crest's power began to be too strong for the Làrasè that held them. Finally, the last generation of the Flàré had all the information they needed, and finally completed the Píragòlé.

However, this wasn't the end of the story. You see, in the history of Nàbra, there was a great battle that was fought between the Flàré, the Crests, and Élèm himself. Yes indeed, there were three parties to this fight, and as you may have guessed, the Flàré had become so overwhelmed with their own powers that they had been able to accrue during the Píragòlé, that they had become corrupted in their own beliefs as well, and decided that they were stronger than the beings that gave them their abilities. As a result, the Crests lashed out at their own Flàré, and it wasn't until the odd combination of the sibling Flàré for Gé and Téiq finally put aside their differences and quelled the uproar did Élèm finally step in and fix the mess he himself had first made.

He made one error. He hadn't accounted for the strength of the combined powers of Gé and Téiq in the form of the two sibling Flàré. And it seemed that in that instant he could have been removed from the equation altogether. Thus, in order to save the world he had created, he had to act drastically. He had to remove the Crests completely. But both Réinyn and Kilèsh had other ideas, and while they had to destroy their own lives in the process, they managed to fuse the Crests together while Élèm tried his best to remove their existence completely. Thus, from the remaining 10 Crests, 5 new beings were brought into existence. However, the surge of power throughout the land was enough to split the land of Héli in two, creating Nàbra as we now know it, as well as the seventh continent, Vérsi.

At the end of all of this, Élèm was severely reduced in his own powers and the Crests that controlled the Lifeforce of the planet were no longer. Many of the followers of both Gé and Téiq were devastated over this, and not much has been heard of them since this time. Life went on, and Élèm had to withdraw once again in order to build up his strength once more.

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