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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The History of Calína

For a long time, the people of Calína, mostly devout people who each had their own beliefs systems, lived a peaceful existence, tending to the plains, orchards and pastures, farming the lands around them. They lived a relatively profitable lifestyle, since not only did they produce some of the more rarer fruits and spices of Córilìce thus giving them a very profitable trade system with their nearest neighbours, Cryst and Prastésòli, they also had a good working relationship with the other peoples on the land such that they could trade without too much fuss and they all managed to stay afloat.

Occasionally, there was the odd conflict, most times between the devout of Àlyré and Ryúqol, but mainly there wasn't much to be said. During these times, the devout of Érrànyt spent their time tending to the land, while the devout of Ygéà spent their time roaming to find new places to settle and create more pastures. As a result, there were no wars on Calína. However, this all changed when the Shùryàh appeared.

Presumed to have come from an unknown continent far to the south of Calína, or just some pirates of the sea who had no real place that they could call home. The inhabitants of Calína did their best to drive off the invaders, but to their dismay, after a 10-year long campaign, the last dregs of the original owners of the land had to give in so that they could remain alive, and were forced to live under the new system that the Shùryàh imposed on them. This new system was the start of an entire régime whereby they systematically destroyed all the rights of the people, including their own, and created a region where what they said was law. One of the final things they did was create a city on the continent. One entire city. Known only as The City of Calína. The city is made up of 5 main areas, in one of which the Shùryàh resides.

Of all the rules they imposed, and possibly the most important, he disallowed any and all religion or devotion. Now, if you were one of the people who had just been made prisoner in their own land, the one thing you might think you have left, some sole type of sanity you could hold onto, that would be the devotion you would give to one of the higher beings you might worship. Once this is also taken away, you become a no-one, just another mindless slave of the new owners.

But, you might guess that those who are as oppressed as the people of Calína, people would still find ways to worship their gods in their own ways. The devout would spend time together once or twice a month in order to keep their devotion alive, and they would talk of the old times and how prosperous it was, and tell stories of the Sérèf and their known or mythical deeds on the other continents of Córilìce.

Interestingly, no-one has ever met the Shùryàh and they have only really met the five District Heads of the City, each own their respective District within the city.

More to come on this as we learn it.

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