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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News & Updates #16

Once more, we've had a cracker session! And once again, Raigi has managed to give away a prized item to one of our 'enemies'. Woot! That encounter had means there has been plenty for me to update on the site. So, without further ado the additions can be found in:
  • the page about the Keys we've obtained,
  • the page detailing who we know in Héli,
  • the page that deals with the damage between elements,
  • the page listing the names of the many places within Héli,
  • the page showcasing the Crest of Véri, and
  • a new page that talks about the Màí-Ló form of the sigils
And that was all for this new session... Oh, and of course, I've changed the Riddles page again, but nothing new was added.... Oh well...

Enjoy barfing!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

News & Updates #15

Hello again! Update two for today!

I have good news, well for me anyway. I have finished with the clean up. Everything has had it's html code cleaned, and now the posts look better.

However, in the process I added a few extra things. When you get a chance, check out the new stuff in the page about the Sigils. Also, all of the Crest pages have been updated, there is new stuff there. And... I think that was it... Oh, I created two pages but left them as Drafts.... so they won't appear until stuff happens in game...

Enjoy finding!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

News & Updates #14

With a full group, we caught up to everything and learned more about how the desert city.

On the updates front, I should hopefully have cleaned up most of the Crest pages in the near future. However, I have added the important session info to the relevant pages:
The usual ones:
Those people with names that we meet...
Those weird sayings/riddles...

The specialties:
That damage that the elements take...
Those Gàló-Màdj things...
The corresponding Crest page...
Those details about the places we visit...

Am going to eventually add more to the pages that don't yet have much...

Enjoy rollicking!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

An Unfortunate Alliance

Well, would you believe it? Maybe I would but, what in the world just happened?!?!? Did that thing just have two colours? You've got to be kidding me!

Actually, I'm not. The Màí-Ló is a step in the right direction, and the colour of the Dàkúrùtài may or may not have been the biggest red-herring yet. Of course, the Fifth Flare does allow for some funky combination with your opposing Crest, but it doesn't have anything to do with the colours of the next form of the Sigil.

Yes, the Sigil does have a third and final form, the Dúà-Lím. This form has two colours. The main one is obviously the colour of the Crest you follow, and thus the centre Gàló, however, the second colour is interestingly enough that of Crest most aligned to the first in terms of ability.

Below I will list the details of each one:

Frònéi: (unknown)

Véri: (unknown)

Ynèré: (unknown)

Clèsi: (unknown)

Lòég: (unknown)

Nàrrice: (unknown)

Éru: (unknown)

Úshk: (unknown)

Dàé: (unknown)

Lsòla: (unknown)

Gé: (unknown)

Téiq: (unknown)

Anyway, so what does it mean? How did that second colour come to be part of our own Sigil? What in the world is going on!! Simply put, the Crests new that they were meant to be part of something greater, and it was the Flàré of Gé and Téiq that worked it out the fastest. If it was fate that the Great Divide was to occur, then it was fate that the Crests would be joined in some way. Thus, by following the colours of the Dúà-Lím forms of the Sigils, they sacrificed their lives and caused a whole new energy to take shape...

As We Grow, Things Change

As you know now, it is possible that once the Sigil and the Gàló-Màdj of the same Crest are joined, something awesome happens! It transforms. Commonly known as the transformed or morphed Sigil, it actually has it's own specific name: Màí-Ló. It means 'connected', and refers specifically to the form that the Sigil takes once it's joined to the Màdj. In other words, it is the second form, the Tài-Fári being the first. With only five of these forms known during the campaign (that of Véri, Clèsi, Nàrrice, Dàé, and Lsòla), below is a list the details of all the Màí-Ló:

This form of the Sigil has a circle in the centre and then 10 lines poking out of it, all equidistant from each other. The symbol of the Crest is embedded in the centre. It is entirely orange and the crackling flame from the Carnelian Màdj can still be heard.

This form of the Sigil looks like a water droplet and has the symbol of the Crest in the centre. It is entirely blue and the water from the Sapphire Màdj can still be heard.

This form of the Sigil looks more like a cog from a machine than anything else. It is completely yellow and has 5 notches in the circle such that it could be a cog. There is still a whole like in the Tài-Fári form, and the symbol of the Crest is embedded in the top like previous as well. The entire thing is a yellow colour and the buzz from the Màdj can still be heard.

This form of the Sigil looks like a perfectly formed snowflake, with the symbol for the Crest right at the centre of the star-like shape. It is completely aqua in colour and ice-cracking sound can still be heard.

This form is a beautifully brown coloured diamond. The symbol for the Crest is right in the centre and the gritty sand-like sound from the Màdj can still be faintly heard.

This form looks like an upside-down triangle (with the point at the bottom). It is entirely green and has the symbol for the Crest in the very centre. If one listens closely, a faint sound of the roaring wind from the Màdj can still be heard.

This form has the exact same shape as the Tài-Fári form. The only difference is the colour, that this form is the purest white-colour you can imagine. The symbol for the Crest stays where it was before and if you listen closely, there is a faint sound of a pure, bell-like sound that could be heard from within in the Màdj.

This form is a simple cross, straight up and straight across such that both length are equal. It has a jet-black colour, and if you look closely, the Crest symbol can be seen in the centre. If you look closely, you can see the faint pulsating black orb that was inside the Màdj.

This form of the Sigil is completely purple in colour. It looks like a spiral, spiraling out from the centre, no larger than the Sigil was in it's Tài-Fári form. The throb of the mind can still be heard in an ever-so-faint fashion.

This form of the Sigil is a cross, in fact it totally resembles the large of the two crosses in the Zodiac, with the symbol in the centre. It is entirely silver, of course, and has a sheen to it that never fades. When looking closely, one can see the spinning metal from the Màdj.

This form of the Sigil is an octagon with a shining, pure-golden colour. It is not as eye-catching as the rest, but it's light does emanate for all around when it isn't covered by a cloth. The symbol for the Crest is situated in the centre of the diamond, and if you listen hard enough, you can hear the glow of the golden sun inside it.

This Sigil is a deep red coloured square which is hung from the centre of one of the sides. The symbol for the Crest is right in the centre once again, and you can see the glow from the Màdj still present, with perhaps the tiniest hint of a gurgling sound if you listen closely.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

News & Updates #13

ZOMG I am awesome! I have just taught myself (with the help of a blogger function I didn't know about til know, and a couple of other pages on the net) how to use html code! I'm slowly going to clean each post up and make it as simple as possible, and easier for me in the long run...

Anyway... Let's talk about the updates. As of arriving in Lkíhlà City, and the journey to get there, we now know a lot more about what's going on, so to speak... Updates are as follows (if i can remember them all!):
The People of Héli
The Damage between Crests
The Activation of the Flàré
The Appearance of the Flàré
The Gàló-Màdj
The Clans of Héli
The Crest of Éru (Check out the new format)
The Crest of Úshk (Check out the new format)
And, the Riddles, of course!

I know that we've just arrived in a new City, and I haven't included an update on the Places of Héli, but that will come when we know more about Lkíhlà City...

Enjoy munching!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Monday, September 8, 2008

News & Updates #12

To update is to remember... hunh?

Anyway... Let's talk about how much fun we had last session, only it would been made a whole heap better with Draven around.... oh well.... So, we tied a lot of plots up and opened maybe one or two, and found a few extra items as well - congrats people!! Especially on the Obsidian Màdj and the third piece of Àléna's Sigil (she'd been looking for that for like I don't know how long!!)

So, the site has been updated! There are no new sections, but there are a few additions in places. The first being that which details the people we meet. The second is that which speaks about the damage dealt to the different Crests. Finally, the section detailing the Keys we find has been updated with the new ones. Funnily enough there were no riddles uncovered last session, but I found the time to create the Zodiac Signs in all their glory, check them out in the Zodiac section!

Enjoy sleeping!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News & Updates #11

And here I am again!

(Only about two weeks late, or thereabouts.) But... anyway..... Now, of course, I'm pretty sure it didn't matter because no-one will have seen this until either tonight, or sometime early tomorrow. I do hope you have have a read before we have the next session.

Anyway, I have finally updated the site - god! Why did I wait so long, my memory was a bit shaky... So, you'll find the Riddles have been updates as usual, the People have also had some changes. Also, I decided to add some information about the Politics and Continental Relations of Nàbra.

Enjoy lolling!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Continental Relations: Nàbra

Nàbra has many relations with the other continents, the most interesting of which is that continent to the north. So far, the only information we have received has been about this continent, but I'm sure we will here more about the others sooner or later...

The Elusive Northern Continent
This continent seems to be springing up more frequently now. The extra information that comes from this unnamed place will be placed here:

Wars do not happen often, but they are usually against another continent to the north. We were living in a time of relative peace, so no-one has seen much of these people from the north. Stories say that these foreigners ride wolves. They dress similarly to us, but have a different skin colour and weird skin markings or tattoos of spiral-like patterns, sometimes jagged, which look more random than anything. They speak common, but with an accent, and their society is also suspected to be a monarchy. Their diplomatic envoys bring unusual spices, fruits and animals which do not exist in Nàbra. Other known trade items are weird animals known as pigs.

We came across a group of merfolk who were correctly identified as northerners by Loban, not much else is known about them, but they sure as hell can't speak common.