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Friday, July 4, 2008

Riddle Me This!

During their travels through Héli, the group has heard many different riddles or sayings that may or may not mean anything. But, I will post them here as they hear them in the game...

So, let's start with the hexagonal room of blackness. There was a riddle seen is electric white-blue light:

From 12, there is one
That touches a soul,
Reach out, choose wisely,
And reap the tales of old

In the first session:
There was that prophecy that Réinyn told you:

When 11 becomes old, half is sold
For landflies, fire rain, red light and gold
Makes old grow young and young grow old

Mind a flesh merge to fight
The one who stole the vibrant light
Then split it up and gave them flight

Bring me power, bring me money,
Bring me all your golden honey
Keep naught for you, or I'll make it runny

I'm not safe, but I am not
Willing to give up this spot
For stone and keys and graven pot

Let's not forget who we are
When I give you violent stars
Progress made, but lost afar...

And then there were two more from Réinyn:

For the tune that tells a toll,
There might be a dagger roll.


Within the manor, seek nothing but cold
Hearts, people, and tales of old.

In the second session:
We heard a few more from people in the Town of Dàlmahs. The Stablemaster recalled:

Slithering sounds, he struts
Inside the Scared Tree,
A silver sight that cuts
A broken memory.

And from the raving lunatic that fell out of the Golden Butterfly Tavern:

Search our Spirit, inside
You'll find the golden hue
Of butterflies, and pride
Within a Bell statue.

And, from the barkeep of the same Tavern:

In Silverwood, they say the books told how,
Like tales of old, they steel it from us now.

In the third session:
We made it to the outskirts of the Forest City of Ràbahna, and heard the first of the three teachings of Éru:

A gem inside the heart of one
Person, a glowing stone, a sun
Or key for fight, and then it's done.

Power comes to those who hold
The violent stars, when all grows old
It seems they just crack and fold.

In the fourth session:
We heard the other two teachings of Éru, the second:

Imbued with power from the Crest,
In safe hands, it seems, they rest
Locked away, it's for the best.

Power comes to those who gave
Themselves away, for all those brave
People, who lie in their grave.

And the third:

A pendant with a history,
Of courage and of bravery,
But their power is a mystery.

Power comes to those who fight
Against the ones who have the might
And strength, but not mortality or right.

On the statue between the Forest City of Ràbahna and the Tree of Healing where the Clan of Éru resides, there was a hidden message:

Clink, clank, the gate is locked,
Entry only be Spike, not rocks.

Then there was a split message, half from the sign outside the Pewter Belltower in the Pewter Plaza of the Forest City of Ràbahna:

_ with _ to _ the _
_ need _ unstable _

The other half from the lightpost on the other side of the Pewter Belltower:

Conspire Skull
blow fire
You an empire.

Raigi met the Blacksmith of the Forest City of Ràbahna for real, and heard something intriguing:

Apples, oranges, spikes:
You'll find them in Zàhkár -
A place the snow-wolf likes
From aqua gates afar.

There was a note left by Àléna in the drawer of the room that Loban used at the Inn of the Silver Serpent:

With the Ardour of fame
Comes a space, a lion
That brings an orange flame -
An Eye you must align.

And, to finish, Caliban heard something of ineterst from Gíndlàé, the famous Glassblower:

The Chestnut hides the tales you desire -
It gives powers of old, but maybe a wire.

In the fifth session:
We were given two messages, one in bits and pieces, hidden within the Pewter Belltower:

Of grain sort in
when are from tales
old of within their

And, then we encountered Àléna for real, and on the fourth day of Ynèré-ba, a ritual was held for her. After which, we decided to head to Mégàhre Port, and we heard a new riddle from her:

They rob in all the nooks to find the eggs
Of the tales of old, they never beg.

In the sixth session:
We were given quite a few messages, quite a few from Draven's journeys:

They Fort the tales of old with dragon and birds,
Houses near Brasukhá - written wise-words.

The Wind of birds is seen
When the heat is right,
They look of something green,
But great in battle and fight.

Look to the stars, for a Feather
That’s sorely missed upon the weather.

A missing thing, the jumbled aven sat
‘Neath smart Ilias near tales of old hat.

And then there was one given to Raigi by Erétà, the female Elf who leads the Clan of Dàé:

The black cat brings luck
To those who kill fauna
For the reaper’s tuck,
Skull, cross-spire corner.

One that Loban heard from a man staying at The Black Cat Inn of Mégáhre Port:

The Alley hides the tales of old, speak to
The wall and receive the guide to get you through.

And one that Caliban was told by the Play Master of the Theatre in Mégáhre Port:

He who shifts shape, molds the Crown
Into snakes, but plays it down.

In the seventh session:
Draven managed to meet and have a conversation with Ràníl, who told him a riddle related to the Úshk Sigil. She had heard that she could find it at the port, but her hearing has been off of late:

Here, the law seeks the tales of old
To take away the past, instill the cold.

In the eighth session:
An escape from the Theatre, and a good rest allowed for searching of the town to begin. The Pitch Fountain was intriguing, with this riddle being written in the water spouts:

Water seems to help her make
Such clothes that we could never create.

And Raigi was able to talk with the Fortune-Teller of Mégàhre Port, while learning the name of the previous Fortune-Teller he met with, he also learned of a saying that pertained to central city:

Mind the drink, filled with spices ten-fold,
Is desert-hailed within the tales of old.

In the ninth session:
There was nothing :(

In the tenth session:
Leaving Mégáhre Port and heading due west across the Rihàz Expanse towards Lkíhlà City, afforded Raigi and Caliban a meeting with the Clan of Ynèré. The leader, after some banter wished them well on their journeys and as a parting gift, he said this:

In histories past, it's said there were
Machines with Cogs, that whizz and whirr.

In the eleventh session:
We met a wonderful lady in the Lkíhlà Teahouse. Her name was Làki, and while in a stupor created by the mixing of the Úhlyàr, Húsìa, Réahnt, and Léi teas, she said this:

Parched, worn-out, fed up,
You’ll find humility
With painted girls, close up
You’ll need blue rings, all three

Raigi and Caliban were able to enter the higher tier with some clever words and booked some rooms at the Robin's Egg Lodge. Dàri, the concierge there, welcomed them with a well-wish that she says to all the patrons when they arrive:

For want of power, the Twigs know
A spinning wheel with central flow

In the twelfth session:
There was nothing new on the riddles front.... :(

In the thirteenth session:
Boròg, the very proud armourer of Bhújèr Town, had some wise words that only Loban heard:

Remedies are found in here,
That chase away your Ice and fear

Raigi and Caliban also met up with the Clan of Frònéi, and their leader, Baín, was able to retell a previously known riddle that was once written on a piece of paper all the way back in the fourth session...

In the fourteenth session:
Raigi was told a couple of new sayings from the people in Port Bélàhm. First from the D'lànhga in the Lemon Grass Pub:

When tales of old begin, and boats are moored,
d’Sí-gyk speaks of battles that are floored

And then from D'Si-gyk, the Fortune-Teller:

Amber, my love, he cries,
Becalm and dance with me –
Yellow St attic, belies
A bar, a rabbit, happy?

Finally, Caliban visited the Pewter Belltower in the Forest City of Ràbahna and was able to find the last line to a very important riddle:

The Metal thyme Bhújèr prime

In the fifteenth session:
There was nothing.

In the sixteenth session:
Travelling on The Ré-var provided no new riddles.

In the seventeenth session:
Raigi was told a couple of new sayings from the people in Bésàh Village. First from the Fortune-Teller Rútà:

The monkey in Bésàh
Gives purple signs to all
The mind-force lead afar –
The blow before the fall

And then from a plaque on the inside wall of the Inn of the Indigo Monkey:

A present be near bow and string
That rolls around like a sterling ring

In the eighteenth session:
Travelling on The Ré-var provided no new riddles.

In the nineteenth session:
Travelling on The Ré-var provided no new riddles.

In the twentieth session:
The crew, along with help of Draven, made it back to the mainland sans Raigi and they made it to the Nàhstrewood, but still no riddles.

In the twenty-first session:
We finally mananged to hear some new riddles while in The Port-Town of Nàhstre:

From the Barkeep in The Ardour Guesthouse:

To heal a Diamond pane, in Nàhstre
Ask not the butcher, nor the baker…

From the Barkeep of The Orange Inn:

Trade with me inside this place,
Give naught bull, only money or lace

And from the Barkeep at Titian Lion Lodge:

The Dark hides inside the net
For fear on side of building met

In the twenty-second session:
We traveled to Zàhkár, but nothing was heard.

Stay tuned for more from the twenty-third session.

P.S. Remember that knowing which riddle belongs to which item an therefore which Crest is going to be very handy...

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