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Friday, July 11, 2008

Take Me to the Keystone!

So, for all of you who can't even remember the Keystone that appeared in the room of blackness in your very first session, here it is:


Remember that only one of the symbols of the Crests could have been activated at any one time. The image shows what each of them would have looked like when they were activated - those that weren't activated were the colour of the line, otherwise known as the Nónù-Níon (which I have shown here as connecting, but you may remember that it had to be moved to that position, and pushed down).

Also, in one of our recent conversations, one or two of you commented that you wondered whether the other Flàré (i.e. those who did not time travel) have ever seen the Keystone, and why you were given a choice... Anyway, something to think about...

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