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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Get This Party Started!

So, we know that there is a trigger that activates the Flàré and allows them to use their Flares. Well, this page is dedicated to just that. Below, I will list the trigger that allows a Flàré to activate and deactivate their Flares:

The hands are pressed together so that all 5 fingertips are touching.

The Flàré moves to put their hands on the opposite arm's elbow, and then motions to pull out the bones that eventually triangulate around the internal arm-elbow-arm angle.

Possibly one of the simplest mechanisms for activating themselves, the user just has to touch their palms together, and it doesn't have to be very long at all.

Breath is blown over a preferred shoulder, creating a cold environment for the bone to extend into.

The Flàré draws power from the ground beneath them by planting their feet firmly in one place, and digging them in, ever so slightly.

The person thinks about pulling the shoulder blades in or out of the body.

The person closes their eyes for a moment, and makes peace with themself while concentrating that peace on their skin.

The Flàré takes both hands and places them across his/her bare chest and presses slightly.

The person concentrates on their forehead, making the teardrop appear.

The person grabs an arm in the place where the armbands form and thinks about pulling them in or out, using a magnetic field.

Possibly the curse of being this Flàré, there is no way of deactivating.

Again, possibly the curse of being this Flàré, there is no way of deactivating.

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