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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Rod for a Back

So, it seems we will be meeting some of these types of items, and thus, there should be a page dedicated to what they are. Simply put, it is a specialised type of Impyrà. In other words, it has the same effect as an Impyrà, but it also has a use beyond the added bonus you receive. Known to most, in the common tongue as the Emblem Rod, these are unique to each Emblem and form one of the Sérèfi.

As we have come across a Rod that was in the possession of a newcomer, but has found its home with its rightful wielder, I will give its details below:

Garnet Rod: This rod is shaped like the bell-end of a trumpet, with the section repeating itself, bell facing upwards, such that there are five bells to the Rod, with the last having a nice, rounded structure inside the top bell. It is a brown colour and made of mahogany. An interesting thing to note is that when the Garnet Amulet came in contact with the rod, some words appeared on the top most section of the Rod. They appeared in Cypher:

(image missing)

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