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Monday, February 22, 2010

Imposing Restrictions

As we walked into the Southern District, we were faced with things that we did not understand. One of which was that if we did a whole bunch of weird and wonderful things, we might get killed, as an order of the Shùryàh. So who/what is the Shùryàh?

Well, at the moment we only know that they control The City of Calínatè, and they aren't to be see or heard from by the people who live in Calína. We also know that they have meetings every once in a month or so, and they are heralded by a symbol, known as the Cypher Rune, that can only be read with an item known as a Bàshón. This is a small torch-like device that emits a light that illuminates the message hidden in the Cypher Rune.

The Shùryàh imposes the rules, but it is the City Guard that enforce the rules. As you might have guessed, the City Guard have a few exceptions placed on how they can act such that they can arrest people for doing the wrong thing even when they might also be breaking the law while arresting them. They have also created a serious barrier over the whole of Calína in order to protect the people they are looking after. This barrier not only allows them to monitor the use of magic within the city very effectively, it is also strong enough that it cannot be penetrated by the Emblems at all.

More will appear as we learn it...

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