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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Restricted Land, Calína

Set in the time well past The Great Divide, whereby the land known in it’s time as Héli was split by both rising water and sinking land into the continent we now know as Nabra, in a world of magic and a world of choice, the land of Calína is most notably the most contrasting of them all. Instead of the freedom that you might expect would be a theme throughout the whole of Córilìce, Calína runs on a system of rules so regimented, no-one who lives there can tell you each and every one. The reason behind this is a fairly simple one – there is one ruler of this land and as such, they dictate the rules by which they run the continent.

The land of Calína stands tall and proud as the most northern continent of all the six continents. However, tall and proud are probably the wrong adjectives to use as this is the smallest of all the continents of Córilìce – something the ruler of the land finds most annoying when they are confronted with those who govern the larger continents. Also, due to its smaller size, finding it can be difficult, as it is more North than one would expect to begin with, but with a special non-magical navigating system, one that the craftsman of Calína are famous for, and knowing the right coordinates to follow, many seafarers can eventually make their way up to the small continent.

Being so North doesn’t affect it’s temperatures too much though as the poles on Córilìce are much further North than the continent is situated. The Northern-most end of Calína is most certainly colder than all other continents of the whole of Córilìce, but of course, the fact that the northern part of a continent is colder than the southern part is true of all the continents.

Now, I mentioned earlier that there is a need to use a special non-magical navigating system. So, the most valid question would be why specifically must it be a non-magical one? Surely there are a plethora of spells, in a range of strengths, which could guide our intrepid seafarers to the continent? Well, you might be astounded to know that one of the regimented rules set in place by the ruler of the land is that there is to be no use of magic at all. The reason behind this is known only to those who give council to the ruler, but the citizens just accept it as law and abide by it. In fact, most have come to the understanding that there must be some sort of dome that encompasses the entire island that allows the detection of magic throughout the entire island. Either that, or the guards have amazing sense of being able to know where and when magic was used as they always appear within 5 minutes of an arcane magic spell having been used.

It is interesting to note that of all the lands, the ruler of Calína is the most feared of all who govern each continent. Perhaps it is by this fear that he rules the people of Calína? Or perhaps, they are just all so laissé faire, they just don’t care anymore. The mystery behind this new place will soon unfold as our new explorers traverse the land and discover its secrets.

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