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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Talent, A Flair... A Flare?

So, what are these Flares? Let's flesh out this idea.

The Flares are the abilities that can be used by the Flàré. There are four known Flares: Òtài (the 'natural' manipulation), Sétài (the First Flare), Kàtài (the Second Flare), and Rútài (the Third Flare), Luètài (the Fourth Flare), and Dàkúrùtài .(the Fifth Flare).

The Òtài is, in fact, one of the Flares of the Flàré. It has it's own name and is the basis for which all of the other abilities are built upon. It is not seen as a Flare, however, for two reasons. Firstly, when the Flàré is not activated this Flare still exists in a weakened state, as a sort of subconscious leakage of the ability. Secondly, it is very difficult to control this Flare as it is the basis or foundation of the other abilities, and is necessarily extremely difficult to manipulate.

The Sétài, Kàtài, and Rútài are all linked to each other, in a sense. They are obviously built on one another, but they are linked in the sense that one of them is an offensive ability, one is a defensive ability, and one is somewhere in between (neither offensive or defensive). The order in which these are given to the Flàré is completely random in the sense that there is no pattern as to which Crests' first Flares are offensive etc. I will stress, however, that the Flares are strictly linked in a linear progression - it is impossible to use the Rútài without having mastered (or at least understood the concept behind) the Kàtài.

The result of this linear extension of the Flares is that each successive Flare requires more energy to use. Extending further and further from the innate Òtài takes more and more control, effort, and energy. Therefore, although the Òtài can be used infinitely, the Rútài can only be used a limited number of times per day before the Sékàrúfári comes into effect.

For a while in the campaign, we only knew about the first three Flares, but Draven was the first to access the destructive force that comes with the fourth Flare. In the linear sense, you need to have acquired all three previous flares (the Sétài, Kàtài and Rútài) in order to use this one, otherwise known as the Luètài. However, in order to be able to use the Luètài, you must first obtain the relevant Séiléhsti, that it comes with a major cost and can probably only be used about twice a day. It is considered to be the true form of the defensive maneuver of the first three flares.

And finally, the fifth flare! When we gain access to our Gàló-Màdj, and we have obtained our Séiléhsti, then we can use the never-been-seen-before Dàkúrùtài. This flare can probably only be used once a day without the Dàkúrùfári being triggered. It is the most powerful and destructive force that a Flàré has ever been able to use. The specific ability that it contains is very similar to the unique ability of the Crest itself.

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