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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Emblem of Érrànyt

Érranyt is the Emblem related to the manipulation of the solid.

Érranyt, known to many as the Tenacious Contour, and who is said to bring solidarity to the room, has never revealed his true form. He was originally two separate beings, both of whom had mortal beginnings. As one of the core Emblems of Córilìce, he controls the core of many things, and is the manifestation of the world's land. His colour was thus chosen to represent the land and his symbol is meant to describe the core of the world. Those marked by him, are said to be the most whole people of Córilìce.

A few less important details about Érranyt are that the Western District of Calína is home to the devout of this Emblem, and they are at war with the East.

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Garnet Amulet: This Amulet is a perfect sphere, and is a beautiful shade of brown. (more soon)

The Emblem Rune:

The Idea Rune: Érranytè

Zodiac: (coming soon)

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