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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Truth or Legend?

Rather than tell the History as the fable that was passed on for generation after generation after the Crests first arrived, I will now detail the accurate History of the creation of the Crests.

In a world where there was nothing of importance to begin with, Élèm created the Crests. He thought that by doing so, he would be able to take a load off and have the Crests manage Córilìce in his place. They were each to govern an element of the world that Élèm controlled, they idea was simple enough.

So, he had a look at the people who lived on the world, assigned some of the races to be more suited for the certain Crests and went about choosing his disciples. Yes, that's right, the Crests were originally just normal people much like you or me. He took each one aside and asked whether they would like the opportunity to turn their lives around and use them for a greater cause, the protection of the entire globe. You can imagine that this wasn't really a question for most of them, it was what they had been looking for, their whole life. And thus, they told the story a million times, and trumped it up every time such that it became more of a legend than the truth.

But in terms of the order, both Gé and Téiq, a female and a male, both Halflings who were, at the time, the leaders of the twp largest gathering of Halflings across Héli, were the first to receive their gifts. Gé received the ability to control the Spirit and Téiq received the ability to control that which was dead or dying. They soon learned how to control all of their abilities and in the process became highly powerful beings who were no longer bound by mortal end. They began to roam the country and their followers became worshippers and they were loved.

Soon after, the other Crests appeared, first the tenable ones: Frònéi, a high ranking member his underground Gnome rebellion; Véri, an abnormally named female Orc of the new generation; Ynèré, the strongest male fighter of the largest Dwarf clan at the time; Clèsi, the second in command of the largest Human tribe on the map; Lòég, the female soothsayer at the time for the same clan of Dwarves; and Nàrrice, another oddly named Orc from the other side of the continent. Once they had been given their abilities and abused them, they came to realise that they should possibly stop abusing them in order to keep the balance of the world intact, and thus after this little tumultuous period, the last four inner circle Crests were revealed: Éru, a sweet elven girl who wasn't anybody in particular, but highly focused on understanding life after death; Úshk, one of the most depressed and outwardly sinister, male Human of the land, known for his leadership in more than 6 thievery and spy teams; Dàé, literally the oldest woman elf on the globe at the time; and Lsòla, the most outspoken male member of the Gnomes at the time.

The rest, as they say is history. They eventually became too strong and Élèm locked them away, so they created the items of power and spread them to their worshippers, and those who were their lineal descendants could receive the abilities from the items and were called the Flàré. Finally, after four generations of the Flàré, the evil half-brother, the one known as Kilèsh decided the way to remove the curse of the Crests was to destroy all of the Flàré and other known descendants in order to destroy the blood-line. But these actions created time rifts, only reparable by Élèm himself, which is why so many of the people from the future were forcibly brought back to form an instant group to fight against Kilèsh. Of course, Kilèsh eventually worked out what had happened, especially when he met one of the new Flàré from the future, and realised his mistake. He spent the rest of his time making it difficult for the new group to complete their Píragòlé, but once he couldn't stop it any further, he helped them all rebel against their creators, the Crests and the The Great Divide occurred. Since them, the world has been relatively peaceful...

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