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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crest of Clèsi

Clèsi is the Crest related to the manipulation of the atmosphere.

Clèsi, who is said to bring a chill to the room, and who is also said to be slower than a mole, has never revealed his true form. Being of the outersphere, he is the manifestation of the cold. He chooses to favour the humans. His colour was chosen as a representation of the colour of the atmosphere on a clear day. His symbol is said to show an icicle inside cupped hands. Those touched by him are said to have icy personalities.

The Flares:
Sétài: Frost Guard

The user can create sheets of ice that hang in mid air in front of them. They can vary in shape, number, and size, by changing the thickness of the sheets. Unless the environment around the sheets is at least as cold as them, they will eventually melt. It is said that the sheets are strong enough to block most things. If hit, it can deal the person who hit it 2d4 damage.

Kàtài: Shroud Mist
The user can slow down the process by which they make the ice, and instead, cause widespread mist or fog to appear for varying densities. They can affect an area of 120 ft in radius. The mist can be of a varying thicknesses. Each vary by the distance a normal person can approximately see. The distances can either be 200 ft, 100 ft, 50 ft, or 10 ft.

Rútài: Flash Freeze
The user takes the concept of creating the cold mist and reduces it down to a small scale event. Now, they have the ability to snap-freeze an small object, or perhaps an arm or leg of an opponent. The opponent should still be able to use the limb after they've taken the attack, but it's going to hurt. It deals 1d8 damage. This of course can be extended further as a concentrated area of the atmosphere going cold is going to create a block of ice. The user can now shape this into more of a speak-like form and then throw it at an opponent. The spike also deals 1d8 damage and the user can create up to 3 spikes in a row for every 5 levels.

Luètài: Spike Throw
This is effectively a direct extension of the previous Flare. Instead of the Flàré being able to create only one spike at a time, they can now create multiple spikes, and they are bigger than before. They now deal 3d8 damage and they can create the same number per 5 levels as before. The area of effect of the snap-freeze ability is also larger, being able to target half of an opponent at once. This also deals 3d8 damage.

Dàkúrùtài: Glacier
This uses all of the power they have available to them, and freezes one whole object of any size. It is completely frozen. If they are an opponent, they also take 8d8 damage from it and they take 5 rounds to thaw out if they didn't die from the attack.

The Bílèfári:
The body of the user, which is usually immune to the cold, begins to feel a bone-chilling coldness.
Luèfári: That last Spike Throw creates such an intense cold field around the user that their body begins to freeze on the spot. Their feet freeze to the ground and the cold feeling has become a numb feeling.
Dàkúrùfári: The user is now so iced over, his nerves have completely detached themselves from the brain. They feel as if they are on their way to that bright light - being that detached from your body can do that to you.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Topaz Màdj

Inside this Màdj, there is an icicle that is constantly reforming itself so that if you left this Màdj on a table within 5 minutes, you would see about 6 different looking icicles. When put to the ear, you can hear a faint cracking which sounds like a block of ice being dunked in water for the first time.

This form of the Sigil looks like a perfectly formed snowflake, with the symbol for the Crest right at the centre of the star-like shape. It is completely aqua in colour and ice-cracking sound can still be heard.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:

Breath is blown over a preferred shoulder, creating a cold environment for the bone to extend into.

The bone of the shoulders of the Flàré extend through the skin and have an aqua colour. Their breath becomes cloudy and their ears are slightly more pointed.

Séiléhsti: Lòhengì, the Rapier
Lòhengì has a blade far longer than any normal Rapier such that it almost looks like a short Halberd. It is almost completely aqua in colour due to the ever-so-slight coating of ice, with the hilt being of the same shade, but of wrapped silk. The silk wrapping doesn't all wrap around the hilt, leaving a small piece waving about when it is swung. A massively strong weapon, it gives the user a straight +8 bonus to his/her attack, deals 2d10 damage on a 17-20 critical range, and with the Gàló-Màdj, the small piece of hanging silk creates small shards of ice as it sways. It is rumoured to create ice-spire upon contact.

Keys: Topaz Cross, Topaz Spike

Zodiac: Wolf
Clèsi Zodiac

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