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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Sigil Seals the Deal

So, here are pictures of the completed Sigils once all three pieces have been united. There is no seal between each of the pieces as once they are joined, they become one:

Frònéi, the Blazing Flame

Véri, the Serene Flow

Ynèré, the Crackling Charge

Clèsi, the Cold Spike

Lòég, the Soft Ground

Nàrrice, the Sharp Gust

Éru, the Sacred Presence

Úshk, the Fine Shadow

Dàé, the Unseen Pulse

Lsòla, the Gleaming Sheen

Gé, the Wondrous Lifeforce

Téiq, the Subtle End

The interesting thing about the Sigils is that they have different forms. The ones shown above are known as the Tài-Fári. This is the form that allows the Flàré to access the first three Flares.

As long as the Flàré can work out how to put the pieces they get together, they can extend their abilities. However, once a Flàré dies, it breaks. Leaving only the original piece that was attached to the pendant. The other two just seem to disappear. The only exceptions to this rule are the Sigils for Gé and Téiq. They have never ever broken once - they are passed down as the whole Sigil. The first piece, however, is what is handed down to the next generation for the other ten Crests, and the corresponding Flàré must at least try to find the other two pieces, if that's all they do.

When the Sigils are in three pieces, the breaks between each piece are unique, not only to the Crest, but to the the individual Sigil as well. However, it does not matter which of the two pieces are found first - having two of the three pieces allows the Flàré to have the use of their second Flare.

The Sigil breaks for each Crest are as follows:
Frònéi - A zig-zag of triangles.
Véri - A wavy look.
Ynèré - Lines that look like one of the two lines of the this Crest's symbol.
Clèsi - Jagged, like icicles.
Lòég - Rough, sanded edges.
Nàrrice - Square-like slots.
Éru - Looks like the joints of a dovetail.
Úshk - Looks like a 'T', but small and multiple ones.
Dàé - Completely flat, but different angles.
Lsòla - Rounded, with different curvature.

Finally, the Sigils seem to change slightly when the second piece is added. There are four different ways they change and they have to do with how they look when someone looks at a person wearing one. Each one still has the hole for the leather strap on the top of the Sigil, they just hang differently. For Frònéi, Ynèré, and Lòég, it looks like a 'U'; for Véri, Clèsi, and Nàrrice, it looks like an upside-down 'U'; for Éru, Dàé, and Gé, it looks like a 'C'; and for Úshk, Lsòla, and Téiq, it looks like a backwards 'C'.

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