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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time is of the Essence...

In Nàbra, the reckoning of time has always been something of conjecture. But it was finally agreed upon that there would only be 252 days in the year, and that there are 12 months that correspond to the cycle of Lànúba, one of the moons. Each month has 21 days in it, and are named after the Crests with an additional suffix, -ba, which means short. The year begins with Frònéi-ba, followed by Ynèré-ba, then Dàé-ba, Éru-ba, Gé-ba, Nàrrice-ba, Véri-ba, Clèsi-ba, Lsóla-ba, Úshk-ba, Téiq-ba, and finally Lòeg-ba.

The seasons are described by the orbit of Lànúke, the much smaller moon. The seasons are slightly out of sync with the months, considering the first season lasts for three months but starts with Lòég-ba and finishes with Ynèré-ba. They are named in the same way as the months, just with a new prefix, ke-, which means long.
The seasons follow a three year cycle: ke-Lòeg, ke-Dàé, ke-Nàrrice, ke-Lsóla, ke-Frònéi, ke-Éru, ke-Véri, ke-Úshk, ke-Ynèré, ke-Gé, ke-Clèsi, and ke-Téiq.

The days of the week have special meaning - each day is named for a special reason. The suffix, -do, that is used simply means day. The days are as follows: Àron-do, Stiér-do, Nèswá-do, Húris-do, Ríèfa-do, Térú-do, and Mósi-do. The origins of each of these names are found below.

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