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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey, You're Famous Aren't You?

It seems that there are people who are fairly well-known throughout the Continent of Héli. Who knows, they might have even had their names mentioned more than once overseas! Anyway, the point is that they are famous for a reason. And since I'm feeling generous, I'm going to have this page dedicated to those who are famous. Mostly people are famous for a trade that they perform - there are quite a few trades, some which don't differ much from one another, but shall be mentioned anyway. See if you can find all the famous people!

Alchemist: (unknown)
Armourer: Boròg, a proud dwarf who resides in Bhújèr Town.
Astrologer: (unknown)
Baker: (unknown)
Barman: D'lànhga, this human resides in Port Bélàhm. He can be found spinning bottles at a place known as the Lemon Grass Pub.
Barrister: (unknown)
Blacksmith: All we know so far is that she can be found in Brasukhá.
Brewer: (unknown)
Bowyer: Rihl, a sly man who calls Mégáhre Port home.
Carpenter: (unknown)
Chandler: (unknown)
Dock Master: (unknown)
Farmer: (unknown)
Fisherman: (unknown)
Fortune-Teller: Rútà, the Fortune-Teller of Bésàh Village on the Isle of Gèin.
Furrier: (unknown)
Glassblower: Gíndlàé, a fair gnome who has small place in the Forest City of Ràbahna.
Guildmaster: (unknown)
Herbalist: (unknown)
Icemaker: (unknown)
Innkeeper: (unknown)
Infusionist: Làki, the big-breasted giant of Lkíhlà City.
Leatherer: (unknown)
Librarian: (unknown)
Lodge Manager: (unknown)
Logger: (unknown)
Lounge Host: (unknown)
Master of the Guesthouse: (unknown)
Miner: (unknown)
Playmaster: (unknown)
Potter: (unknown)
Pubmaster: (unknown)
Salter: (unknown)
Scholar: (unknown)
Shipwright: (unknown)
Slaughterman: (unknown)
Stablemaster: (unknown)
Taverner: (unknown)
Trader: (unknown)
Weaver: Féinà, a tiny gnome who lives in The Forest City of Ràbahna.
Vendor: (unknown)

There are so many and we only know 5 of them at the moment. Will we ever meet them all?

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