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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crest of Véri

Véri is the Crest related to the manipulation of water.

Véri, who is said to put doubt into the minds of men, and who is also said to be fluid in appearance, has never revealed her true form. Being of the outersphere, she is the manifestation of the seas. She chooses to favour the orcs. Her colour was chosen as a representation of the colour of the waters of Córilìce. Her symbol is said to show a suspended droplet of water. Those touched by her are said to have flowing personalities.

The Flares:

Not really classed as a Flare, but known more commonly as the natural manipulation that happens subconsciously both when activated and deactivated, the strength of the ability far stronger when active of course, this latent effect is as simple as the creation of puddles. Yes, if this Flàré stands in the one place for too long, they liquefy the environment around their feet and manage to create a puddle as a result. This effect is far slower when deactivated.

Sétài: Mirage Veil
The user creates a thin veil of water around their body, enough to completely cover it. The purpose is to keep the veil moving such that light is refracted away from the user. Effectively, this allows the user to become momentarily almost impossible to see. The veil will stay around the user for as long as they wish.

Kàtài: Whirl Shield
The user spins water around their body so fast that you can no longer see them. However, it seems that very little can penetrate the water barrier as a result. Should this ever come into to contact with anything, it deals 2d4 damage.

Rútài: Rain Grasp
The user can turn the water they use into tiny droplets that a small, hard, sharp and super-fast. Like a barrage of directed rain drops, they can then throw these at any one target for 4d6 damage.

Luètài: Water Spiral
The user puts both hands in front of him, outstretched and pointing in the direction they want to fire their attack, and they force all the water they use straight down their arms. The result is a spiral of water that is at such a force, it almost doesn't feel the effects of gravity. The blast is like being hit by crashing waves at once. Of course, once the blast has been released, the user can't move or change it's direction until the attack is complete. Getting hit by this will cost you a serious 6d6 damage.

Dàkúrùtài: Deluge
The extra power boost that this Flare gives the Flàré allows them to move their body freely while using the attack. They can now control a spiral on each arm and can move their arms freely while executing the attack. They can also spin it around themselves as a shield. If you were to get hit by this, you'd be taking a whopping 10d6 damage.

The Bílèfári:
The user feels that they are beginning to suffocate.
Luèfári: Now, instead of the suffocating feeling, it is replaced with a feeling that the user is drowning while standing in broad daylight, the water from the recently used Water Spiral being that which is drowning them.
Dàkúrùfári: The user suddenly feels so cold, as in the feeling you get when you are covered with water, cannot remove it and are without any heat sources at all. They begin to fall asleep to stop the cold.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Sapphire Màdj

Imagine a glass half-full with water, put you hand on it and shake it to bits. That's what the Gàló looks like within this Màdj. The only difference is that the movement is more like waves that splash up the side of the blue-faceted gem and crash back on itself. It is slightly hypnotic to watch.

This form of the Sigil looks like a water droplet and has the symbol of the Crest in the centre. It is entirely blue and the water from the Sapphire Màdj can still be heard.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:

The Flàré moves to put their hands on the opposite arm's elbow, and then motions to pull out the bones that eventually triangulate around the internal arm-elbow-arm angle.

The toe Nails of the target turn blue and their toes become slightly webbed.In addition, an extra fold of skin appears between the two arm bones, around the elbow. It looks triangular or fin-like in shape and is also blue in colour.

Séiléhsti: Rénúku, the Battleaxe
Rénúku is about one and a half times taller than an normal sized elf and is a dark-sh blue all over. There are a couple of jewels on the hilt, but apart form that it's very plain. The power of the water flows through the weapon which makes it a little more flexible than a normal battleaxe, giving the user a straight +8 bonus to his/her attack. It hits for 3d8 damage with a 17-20 critical range and always has a film of water on it's surface. Once the Gàló-Màdj is obtained, the water film begins to create water vapour in the air as it moves. It is rumoured that it creates cannons of water.

Keys: Sapphire Band, Sapphire Circlet, Sapphire Ring

Zodiac: Turtle
Véri Zodiac

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