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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Crest of Frònéi

Frònéi is the Crest related to the manipulation of heat.

Frònéi, who is said to warmth to the people, and who is also said to be fiery in appearance, has never revealed his true form. Being of the outersphere, he is the manifestation of the flame. He chooses to favour the gnomes. His colour was chosen as a representation of the common colour of burning objects. His symbol is said to show the paths of sparks from a flame. Those touched by him are said to have a fiery temper.

The Flares:

Not really classed as a Flare, but known more commonly as the natural manipulation that happens subconsciously both when activated and deactivated, the strength of the ability far stronger when active of course, this latent effect is nothing more than a fast flickering of flames when the Flàré walks within 2 feet of them. When active, the flames will flicker faster and from 5 feet away. In addition, the body of the Flàré is unusually hotter than normal.

Sétài: Light Flash
The hands are clasped together in a fashion, and the heat generated has, first and foremost, a very strong light. Strong enough to light a very large room if need be. However, if this beam of light that shines through the fingers of the user is focused, and directed. This can bring the light down to being more like a torch. In an exponential fashion, whatever the focused beam touches heats to the point of combustion, even to the point of being used as a laser. If used as an attack, it can deal 2d6 damage.

Kàtài: Body Heat
Almost a direct extension of the Òtài, but only accessible through the channeling of the light energy from the first Flare, this ability is the defensive one of the first three. The heat generated in the clasped hands is now pushed throughout the body and they can create a wall of heat that has a radius of three feet from their body. The wave of heat that it creates is enough for people a good 10-15 feet away to feel it as if the sun just came out from the clouds and is beaming down hard and strong. Should anyone come in contact with the wall of heat, they will take 3d4 damage.

Rútài: Ember Shot
Perhaps the most fun of the first three Flares, this is no longer a bodily extension of the heat from the hands, it takes it another step further and places that bodily heat back onto the hands as they are separated from each other. The concentration has the effect of creating tiny balls of actual flames in the palms of the Flàré. This is essentially the self combustion of the gases near to the hand of the Flàré. Once formed, the flames can be propelled away from the Flàré, each ball of flame dealing 1d6 damage. Of course, as the Flàré's level increase, they can fire more balls, acquiring the concentration to use an extra 2 balls every 5 levels.

Luètài: Flame Tunnel
So, when you take the concept of the last Flare and you extend it further, you end up with this Flare. The Flàré now has the ability to, rather than just throw little balls of flames, create a stream of flames from their hands, each of which have a diameter of 50cm and can reach up to 30 feet. The line is a direct line in front of where they are facing. Once the move is executed, they will find they can't change direction until the attack is finished. Coming in contact with this bad boy is a whopping 6d6 damage.

Dàkúrùtài: Inferno
This final Flare makes the last one look like child's play. As you couldn't previously control the movement of the flames, this Flare gives the Flàré enough energy to twirl and swirl the two lines of flames from their hands. They can now freely move their arms about while the flames are being expelled from them. This works in two ways: a) a 'flamethrower'-type effect up to a maximum of 180˚ apart from one another, and b) as a whirl that wraps around their own body. Coming in contact with this attack means a massive 10d6 damage. The other thing to note is to the Flàré using this attack, the flames are distinctly blue and not orange.

The Bílèfári:
The user feels that their fingertips are beginning to burn with unbearable pain.
Luèfári: Instead of just the fingers, this time the skin on both arms begins to peel and instantly vaporize from the heat created by the Flame Tunnel that was just used.
Dàkúrùfári: The user suddenly feels so parched that their insides are burning up as they ache for some sort of moisture. They begin to keel over, attempting to acquire water.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Carnelian Màdj

There is fire inside this Màdj. It is permanently flickering as if there were a never ceasing wind inside the Màdj coming from all directions, but not all at the same time. You can hear the faintest of noises coming from it which reminds you a wood burning. The Gàló for this Màdj is perhaps the brightest of all the Gàló.

This form of the Sigil has a circle in the centre and then 10 lines poking out of it, all equidistant from each other. The symbol of the Crest is embedded in the centre. It is entirely orange and the crackling flame from the Carnelian Màdj can still be heard.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:

The hands are pressed together so that all 5 fingertips are touching.

The hair of the Flàré turns a bright orange, but only in streaks. Their fingertips glow orange as well.

Séiléhsti: Oròshíndà, the Nanchaku
Oròshíndà is the name for the pair of weapons. There are two of them that make up this powerful entity. They are no longer than any normal versions, but completely orange from hilt to hilt. Each hilt has a Carnelian stud on the bottom of them. The power of the flames flows throughout the weapon, making each hit a searing burn that gives the user a straight +6 bonus to his/her attack, deals 2d12 damage on a 17-20 critical range. Once the Gàló-Màdj is obtained, Oròshíndà creates a flame in the travel path of the weapon itself. It is rumoured to be able to release fireballs.

Key: Carnelian Eye

Zodiac: Lion
Frònéi Zodiac

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