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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Fight of the Flàré

Flàré is the name given to those who have been touched by their respective Crest. The Flàré all have abilities they can use, these are known as Flares, hence the term Flàré. The Flàré have existed solely on Nàbra - there has never been talk or sight of people who even resemble the Flàré on the other continents. Each Flàré has the ability to activate or deactivate at will, and if they are activated, their physical appearance changes.

There have been many Flàré in the history of Nàbra, but at any one time, there can only be one mortal person touched by a Crest. There were always those who wished to use their power to control Nàbra. Below is a list of all the Flàré that have been known throughout Nàbra. It all started 10,600 years before the present day...

10,600 Years Ago:
(For those in the game at the moment, these people existed 600 years ago...)
Of those who were trying to repair the damage Élèm had caused, and free the Crests from their respective prisons, there were Bàtanái, a male gnome who represented Frònéi; Phórùl, a male dwarf who represented Ynèré; Lynard, a male human who represented Clèsi; Póhr, a female dwarf who represented Lóèg;
Àlàhéne, a female elf who represented Éru; Crystà, a female elf who represented Dàé; Rína, a female gnome who represented Lsóla; and Térindè, the female halfling who represented Gé and assumed the responsibility of trying to guide the other seven.

But there were four others who wished for something more:
Krùg, a female orc who represented Véri; Glúgtàr, a male orc who represented Nàrrice; Ástúrà, a male human who represented Úshk; and Grídevér, a male halfling who represented Téiq and led the other three against Térindè's eight who obviously had not fully considered the true extent of their abilities...

Predominantly due to the rivalry between the two groups, none of them even came close to understanding the purpose of their lives and as a result, no progress was made. However, as her dying wish, Térindè spoke the prophecy to her daughter,
Géríkìndenè. Thus began the next saga of the Flàré.

10,350 Years Ago:
(For those in the game at the moment, this began 350 years ago...)
Another generation of Flàré began to become aware of their connection to their Crest. As they realised they had been touched, they began to wonder why they had also been touched by the Crest. It was obvious that there was a task that needed to be fulfilled, but they had no idea as to what it was. Géríkìndenè, now touched by Gé, traveled the countryside in search of the other new Flàré in order to try to solve the mystery of the prophecy. She found
Nàríb, a male gnome who had been touched by Frònéi and who became the pseudo-leader for the group, Hórupnói, a male dwarf who had been touched by Ynèré, Piòrri, a female dwarf who had been touched by Lòég, Krùzogt, a male orc who had been touched by Nàrrice, Nàréléna, a female elf who had been touched by Éru, Strúta, a male human who had been touched by Úshk, and Àlàryst, a female elf who had been touched by Dàé.

Géríkìndenè could not unite all the Flàré due to the evil lure of power felt by Bàínè, a female gnome touched by Lsòla. Bàínè decided too that her unique ability was the key to control of the land, and she used this to lure Góròsh, a female orc touched by Véri, and Rùshta, a male human touched by Clèsi. Convincing Vérésid, a male halfling touched by Téiq, was not even a challenge.

Around the same time, the Séilèhsti were born. This generation did not do any better at understanding the situation throughout their life, but they did try to take on Élèm. They failed miserably, not knowing what to expect, how to deal with it, or even what they were really doing.

A new development occurred when Àlàryst was on her death bed. It seemed Dàé was trying to speak through her before she died, and a myriad of riddles spewed forth from her mouth as she breathed her last breath. These riddles were heard by Hórupnói who told his son, and the legacy continued.

10,150 Years Ago:
(For those in the game at the moment, this began 150 years ago...)
Tòhípió, the half-dwarf son of
Hórupnói, was a genius and with the help of his female childhood friend Prósticòr, also a half-dwarf, they began to unravel the riddles. When their parents died, Tòhípió and Prósticòr became Flàré for Ynèré and Lóèg respectively. They tried to rally all the Flàré, with Tòhípió as leader, but could only contact Baí, a male gnome-dwarf of Frònéi, Kóduzùg, a female orc-elf of Véri, Élirà, a female elf of Éru, Áràstúr, a male half-gnome of Úshk, Àláséa, a female elf-dwarf of Dàé, and Dérígyndè, a female halfling of Gé.

The other four had already united with similar goals of the previous renegade Flàré, this time with a male gnome-orc at the lead representing Nàrrice, named Strògk. The other three were Vynárù, a male half-orc of Clèsi, Càlaní, a female gnome-orc of Lsòla, and Sídèrèsh, a male halfling of Téiq.

At the end of the third generation, there had been a second attempt to destroy Élèm, but it was only the eight led by
Tòhípió who challenged him, but they failed, even though they had the power of the Séiléhsti. Apart from the sudden appearence of the Gàló-Màdj soon afterwards, it wasn't until the fourth generation where something especially different occurred...

10,000 Years Ago:
(It makes sense that this is around the time when the those in the game arrived in Héli...)
Twelve new Flàré were born: a mystery male dwarf of the Clan of Frònéi; Àré, a female elf of the Clan of Véri; Aéri, a female human of the Clan of Ynèré; a mystery male orc of the Clan of Clèsi; a mystery male human of the Clan of Lòég; a mystery male gnome of the Clan of Nàrrice; Àléna, a female elf of the Clan of Éru; a mystery female gnome of the Clan of Úshk; a mystery male dwarf of the Clan of Dàé; a mystery female orc of the Clan of Lsòla; Réinyn, a female halfling of the Clan of Téiq; and Kilèsh, a male halfling of the Clan of Gé. It is now known, though that Réinyn has been touched by Gé and that Kilèsh has been touched by Téiq - the first time anyone from the outside the clan have been touched.

Also, for some unknown reason, five people from the future were brought to Héli by some unknown means and were also touched by the Crests: Gwyen, a male halfing touched by Frònéi; Loban, a male elf touched by Clèsi; Draven, a female human touched by Nàrrice; Raigi, a male elf touched by Dàé; and Caliban, a male gnome touched by Lsòla.

This mystery has yet to be solved...

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