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Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Unfortunate Alliance

Well, would you believe it? Maybe I would but, what in the world just happened?!?!? Did that thing just have two colours? You've got to be kidding me!

Actually, I'm not. The Màí-Ló is a step in the right direction, and the colour of the Dàkúrùtài may or may not have been the biggest red-herring yet. Of course, the Fifth Flare does allow for some funky combination with your opposing Crest, but it doesn't have anything to do with the colours of the next form of the Sigil.

Yes, the Sigil does have a third and final form, the Dúà-Lím. This form has two colours. The main one is obviously the colour of the Crest you follow, and thus the centre Gàló, however, the second colour is interestingly enough that of Crest most aligned to the first in terms of ability.

Below I will list the details of each one:

Frònéi: (unknown)

Véri: (unknown)

Ynèré: (unknown)

Clèsi: (unknown)

Lòég: (unknown)

Nàrrice: (unknown)

Éru: (unknown)

Úshk: (unknown)

Dàé: (unknown)

Lsòla: (unknown)

Gé: (unknown)

Téiq: (unknown)

Anyway, so what does it mean? How did that second colour come to be part of our own Sigil? What in the world is going on!! Simply put, the Crests new that they were meant to be part of something greater, and it was the Flàré of Gé and Téiq that worked it out the fastest. If it was fate that the Great Divide was to occur, then it was fate that the Crests would be joined in some way. Thus, by following the colours of the Dúà-Lím forms of the Sigils, they sacrificed their lives and caused a whole new energy to take shape...

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