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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sérèfi

When we were talking to the Marquis Aníl, the Southern District Head, we were warned that should we be carrying any of these, we would almost instantly be killed.

These items are said to be almost mythical, or legendary, in the sense that they are talked about like they are a fabled item, something that the Sérèf can use should they feel the need to. They were not meant to exist, according to the Elf, Àlayà, that we met recently in our journeys. The most important thing to remember is that legends tell of five unique items that are created from the precious stone of the Emblems and once combined can give the person who wields them great power. It is said that one must yield to the Sérèfi in order to use the powers they grant.

For further clarification, the Sérèfi is a collection of items of power. The term is used widely to group the items together, it is both plural and singular. Should you be holding an item of power of one of the Emblems, then you would be a holding a Sérèfi. Should you have more than one in your possession, then would would have a few of the Sérèfi.

The word originally means "of the Sérèf". So, the items were once items that belonged to each of the Sérèf. Why they are no longer in their possession is still a mystery. Each item is said to be very valuable and can heighten the sense of the person who holds it. And we have been told that there is a legend that when the Sérèfi are combined, something special happens.

We have come across one of the Sérèfi - the Impyrà. This one of the Sérèfi of which there are quite a number of them. So far, we have obtained Amulets which are Impyrà, one for each precious stone associated with the Emblems.

We now know that there are five types of items that are part of the Sérèfi. These are an Amulet, a Talisman, a Charm, a Star, and a Rod. We also know that the Amulet is one of Impyrà. As we journey throughout the City of Calínatè, we will probably find these items. I will add them here when we do.

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