Herein lies Córilìce

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Córilìce is governed by a different set of laws than our world - the laws of the Crests. There are twelve Crests, each with their own unique abilities and powers. But, more on the Crests later. Let's talk more about Córilìce itself...

This wondrous place is known to have six continents, all of which are fairly distant from each other. The distance doesn't completely prevent travel between them, but it does make it very difficult. However, there is also a seventh continent hidden on the opposite side of the globe which is known only from stories. Each continent differs from the others in several ways, and the names of the continents are as follows:

  • Nàbra, a new place for divided nations
  • Calína, a land of straight proportions
  • Gáridè, the land of insight
  • Fícia, the land of a new objects
  • Prastésòli, home to those known as the Pizáncé
  • Cryst, the land of many facets
  • Vérsì, where nothing is as it seems
More information about the different continents will come as time permits, but seeing as the players were dragged from their homes in Nàbra and pushed backwards in time about 10,000 years to Nàbra's past (a place known then as Héli), I will start with Nàbra...

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