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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crest of Téiq

Téiq is the Crest related to the manipulation of death itself.

Téiq, who is said to own the dark and the cold of night, and who is also said to be the bringer of death, has never revealed his true form. Being of the innersphere, he is the manifestation of that which is dead. He chooses to favour the halflings. His colour was chosen as a representation of the colour of blood. His symbol is said to show the death of all things. Those touched by him are said to have closed personalities.

The Flares:
Sétài: Rot Touch

This is slightly worse than what the clerics can do with their Inflict Wounds ability. This is something that the Flàré can achieve without having to physically touch the opponent. They just reach out their hand or even their finger, and whatever they are pointing at begins to rot and decay at a rapid pace. This can be used as an attack in round-based combat and it deals 1d10 damage.

Kàtài: Ghoul Defend
This is slightly different to what the Flàré of Úshk does to defend themselves, in the sense that the user calls on the dead of the world, that haven't yet departed to the underworld. The user uses their souls as a defense, and this can deal 2d10 to whatever they touch. The sad part about it all is that the souls are discarded and can never be sent to the underworld.

Rútài: Death Transfer
This is exactly as the name says. The Flàré has the ability to transfer the death of one thing into another. This is proportional to the death energy in the two targets. The user cannot fully revive the original target, and as a result cannot fully kill the second. This does not deal damage.

Luètài: Soul Feast
This ability calls upon the wandering souls again, only this time, they are forced to materialise and attack. The number of souls and their power are totally dependent upon how much energy was used to call them, and how many were called. This does not deal damage.

Dàkúrùtài: Suffocate
This takes the third ability to its limit, calling on the all the death in the world and creating a large amount of death energy that can be used on a single target, suffocating them to death. This is where the abilities of Gé and Téiq collide. This does not deal damage.

The Bílèfári:
There is no apparent Sékàrúfári for this Flàré.
Luèfári: Again, there is no apparent Luèfári for this Flàré.
Dàkúrùfári: Indeed, this is where we first see any drawbacks at all. The use of the fifth Flare takes years of life off the users life-span.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Ruby Màdj

The most mesmerizing of all the Gàló, this red colour is so dark, it's almost a crimson colour. The pulsating nature to this one is the most pronounced, especially when in places where there is little light, the Gàló is powerful enough to light the room, but dwindles away to nothing soon afterwards. If you listen closely, you can hear the faintest sound of a gurgling/bubbling noise.

This Sigil is a deep red coloured square which is hung from the centre of one of the sides. The symbol for the Crest is right in the centre once again, and you can see the glow from the Màdj still present, with perhaps the tiniest hint of a gurgling sound if you listen closely.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:

Possibly the curse of being this Flàré, there is no way of deactivating.

Possibly the least obvious, unless you could see through his dark cloak. His eye colour was a dark crimson. He also had pronounced clawing of the hands and feet, but he kept them hidden as well.

Séiléhsti: Yécúrás, the Crossbow
The only other bow-like weapon of the group, Yécúrás is possibly the most obvious with it's bright red exterior and red slashes of light for the bows. It is such a foreboding weapon that being anywhere in it's vicinity tends to make you feel like you are suffocating slowly. It gives great strength, a straight +10 to his/her attack, dealing a massive 5d10 on a 17-20 critical range. It has the power to rot anything it touches and with the Gàló-Màdj, it can even turn the opponent into a Zombie.

Key: Ruby Tail

Zodiac: Rat
Téiq Zodiac

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