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Friday, July 11, 2008

A Clan Experience

This is the page that I will devote to the Clans that roam the continent. These Clans have worshipped the Crests soon after they came into existence. They treat them like gods. Interesting information pertaining to the Clans will be presented here:

The Clan of Frònéi:
This is the most primitive Clan of all the Clans. Having only about 25 members, and living within the Caves created by the mining activity of the City of Àéthélle, they were extremely ripped and torn rags, and spend their evening around a fire. The most notable part of all of this is that they own Griffin Roost, funnily enough, the beasts don't have an elemental trait.

The Clan of Véri:

The Clan of Ynèré:
Probably the most nomadic of all the Clans, this one is comprised of many Dwarf Fighters who see fit to guard over the entire Rihàz Expanse to preserve the sacred ground of Ynèré. It is suspected that they spend their nights underneath the Expanse, but it is unknown just how they do this. The Clan itself has around 50 or so members at the moment, making it the largest Clan that we know of.

The Clan of Clèsi:

The Clan of Lòég:

The Clan of Nàrrice:
This Clan has made its home now, just outside the Nàhstrewood, at the request of their new-found leader, the Flàré himself. He managed to overthrow the rightful leader and is now the first Flàré in history to actually control his own clan. They work for him like they would any dictator.

The Clan of Éru:
This Clan resides in and around the Tree of Healing which is fairly close in proximity to The Forest City of Ràbahna. So far, we know that they focus on healing as a livelihood, and their main healer (their leader) goes by the name of Árànúré. On the fourth day of Ynèré-ba, they held a ritual in a clearing on the Eastern side of the forest. The ritual was to have Àléna receive her Séiléhsti.

The Clan of Úshk:

The Clan of Dàé:
This Clan is a small clan of farmers. They choose to farm the land west of Mégáhre Port. Their main place of residence is the farmhouse of Vineyards they own. The grapes grown here are green grapes, and the wine produced is sweet and fruity. However, they don't just own the Vineyards, they also have an animal farm where they specialise in beef, pork, chicken, and wool; as well as a farm specifically dedicated to Orchards of apples, pears, lemons and peaches. The people of Mégàhre Port have no idea that their farmers are actually the members of the Clan, and they prefer to let it stay that way. But, the major problem that exists is the exclusion from the Port as an unwritten rule. On the 9th Day of Ynère-ba, they held a ritual in one of the rooms of the main farmhouse. The ritual was to have Raigi receive his Séiléhsti.

The Clan of Lsòla:
It is known that this Clan travels once or twice a year to The Forest City of Ràbahna in order to reconnect with Lsòla. This Clan resides in a Bunker to the north of Bhújèr Town. So far, Caliban has made contact with them and fulfilled his task of taking the head of a painful Pixie, who was worth a lot of money to them. We were then shown around the lair and came across both the power source and an interesting Scythe. The labyrinth has three levels, the first large room is where they gnomes eat together, and further down the corridor, there are living quarters. The level beneath that is a long corridor containing many of the normal places that one can find in a city/town. The third level seems to be the sewerage system as well as the house of the power source of the whole underground area.

The Clan of Gé:
We met a part of this Clan when traveling from the plains on which we landed, to the closest town, The Town of Dàlmahs. We met a few halflings and a halfling-giant by the name of Giréle. She was blind and extremely old, and did not like evil people entering her territory. She also wore the symbol of her Crest as a tatoo on her chest.

The Clan of Téiq:

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