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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A District Way of Thinking

Calína has five major Districts. Each have their own head, known simply as the District Head, and each District is named for the Cardinal point they are closest to, with the exception of the Central District as, well, it doesn't really point to any of the four Cardinal points.

This section will detail the important information we uncover from each of the Districts we visit in our travels.

The Southern District:
When we arrived in Calína, we entered through the South Gateway and walked right into a plaza of cobbled stone pathways and a fountain in the centre. There were shops lining the walls of this small area, selling things from cloth to spices to food items. In the corner left of the plaza, furthest from the gate, there is a Tavern which goes by the name The Blue Lagoon, and sports a symbol on its front door that is the symbol for Ryúqol. The owner and barkeep of this Tavern is a lovely man by the name of Nàshe. Inside this Tavern, it is allowed by law to worship the Emblem of Ryúqol, but it must be kept to oneself and not shared with the anyone else. There is an Inn next door which is known as The Blue Lagoon Inn, and it also owned by Nàshe. The two are connected internally, so patrons can drink past the curfew and still get to bed without going outside. Underneath the Tavern, through the Cellar, is one of the entries to the underground network of corridors which lick practically the entire Southern District. It also leads to a hidden cave/cage arena where Nàshe has his patrons fight for entertainment.

Through a small passageway, heading closer to the centre of the whole City, there is a gardens with hedges and paved walkways, small fountains and a few trees. Across this expanse is an Estate as large as a Castle, and it is known as the Southern Estate. The place is home to the District Head, otherwise known as Marquis Aníl. The place has been run for centuries by the members of the House of Drèklóhàn. Inside, there is a huge hall with large columns leading to a blue velvet staircase. On the right at the top of the stairs is a door that opens up to a large room filled with light blue silk drapes hanging over the windows and from the ceiling. At the far end of the room is where you can meet with the Marquis should he ever wish to kill you. The room is always filled with guards, lining the room so that the Marquis is always protected.

Further East, one can find two more taverns, one of which is closer to the Armourer and Weapon specialist, called The Dragoon, whose female bartender and owner/proprietor is very annoyed that she isn't the one who has the rights over which Tavern can be used for the worship of Ryúqol.

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