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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cypher This One

Indeed, it may be a terrible play on words, but the ancient language of the Emblems has never fully been understood. Many have spent their lives trying to work out how the langauge works, but most have failed. Known as Cypher, the language is an combination of sounds they are rather incomprehensible to any common speaker and it is formed of a type of heiroglyphics that is highly complex.

So we learned in last nights session that Cypher is made up of both characters that are specific letter and characters that are complete ideas. This will make for deciphering this language a little harder than first thought. However, we met a lovely girl, Ríyàh, who wore the idea Rune, Ryúqoltè, on her forehead:

(Image coming soon)

She also knew the Runic Translation for it as well:


In the second session, we met a lovely girl by the name of Ari who was quite happy to inform us that the gifts we had received from Rihzah were called Impyrà:

Impyrà Rune

And she also knew it's Runic Translation as well:


As we journey throughout The City of Calínatè, we will hopefully uncover more of the mystery that surrounds Cypher.

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