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Thursday, October 2, 2008

News & Updates #17

We make our way from the desert city, to probably the most opposite place in comparison - Bhújèr Town. The place is rich and full in green grass and running water, and is the most care-free place! However, there are still things to find and people to talk to...

Concerning updates, I have changed the layout of the Crest pages slightly, but the only one that has had to minor upgrade is the Crest of Nàrrice (for obvious reasons).
The usual ones:
Them people with names...
The sayings/riddles etc...

The particulars:
The things that hurt us...
Those shiny gem-things things...
The new sigil form thingy...
Those abilities we use...
Of course, the corresponding Crest page...
Them peoples who worship the Crests...
Those details about the places we visit...

Am going to eventually add more to the pages that don't yet have much...

Enjoy barracking!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

Hey, You're Famous Aren't You?

It seems that there are people who are fairly well-known throughout the Continent of Héli. Who knows, they might have even had their names mentioned more than once overseas! Anyway, the point is that they are famous for a reason. And since I'm feeling generous, I'm going to have this page dedicated to those who are famous. Mostly people are famous for a trade that they perform - there are quite a few trades, some which don't differ much from one another, but shall be mentioned anyway. See if you can find all the famous people!

Alchemist: (unknown)
Armourer: Boròg, a proud dwarf who resides in Bhújèr Town.
Astrologer: (unknown)
Baker: (unknown)
Barman: D'lànhga, this human resides in Port Bélàhm. He can be found spinning bottles at a place known as the Lemon Grass Pub.
Barrister: (unknown)
Blacksmith: All we know so far is that she can be found in Brasukhá.
Brewer: (unknown)
Bowyer: Rihl, a sly man who calls Mégáhre Port home.
Carpenter: (unknown)
Chandler: (unknown)
Dock Master: (unknown)
Farmer: (unknown)
Fisherman: (unknown)
Fortune-Teller: Rútà, the Fortune-Teller of Bésàh Village on the Isle of Gèin.
Furrier: (unknown)
Glassblower: Gíndlàé, a fair gnome who has small place in the Forest City of Ràbahna.
Guildmaster: (unknown)
Herbalist: (unknown)
Icemaker: (unknown)
Innkeeper: (unknown)
Infusionist: Làki, the big-breasted giant of Lkíhlà City.
Leatherer: (unknown)
Librarian: (unknown)
Lodge Manager: (unknown)
Logger: (unknown)
Lounge Host: (unknown)
Master of the Guesthouse: (unknown)
Miner: (unknown)
Playmaster: (unknown)
Potter: (unknown)
Pubmaster: (unknown)
Salter: (unknown)
Scholar: (unknown)
Shipwright: (unknown)
Slaughterman: (unknown)
Stablemaster: (unknown)
Taverner: (unknown)
Trader: (unknown)
Weaver: Féinà, a tiny gnome who lives in The Forest City of Ràbahna.
Vendor: (unknown)

There are so many and we only know 5 of them at the moment. Will we ever meet them all?