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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The History of Nàbra

30,000 years ago, there was a place called Héli that existed on Córilìce. It was governed by the people until Élèm arrived and decided since he was far superior to all who lived on that world. He then thought it would be beneficial to him if he were to surreptitiously create the Crests to govern Héli in his place while he relaxed and enjoyed himself. The Crests were created slowly, the first two to arrive on Héli were Gé and Téíq, but they were unnoticed by the people. Élèm decided he needed to be more obvious, so the six outersphere Crests all appeared overnight. Héli was a mess, the people did not know what to do, but tried their best to fit in with the new regime. The other innersphere Crests came one after each other, but again, fairly unnoticed. The moon began to change colour every month, to the bewilderment of the most knowledgeable astrologers and astronomers. Then, a second moon appear with a different ordering of the colours, but a much slower cycle. The first day of reckoning was ke-Lòég-ba and the earth completely rearranged itself. People began to fear the Crests and their power. Most began to worship them.

Some time down the track, some of the Crests decided that it would be better if the people who worshipped them, actually liked them, but they needed a leader. They began to form the Sigils. Fairly soon after that, Gé decided that she would imbue a very special person and give them some of her attributes. The other more good-oriented Crests quickly followed suit and soon there were six Crest-touched beings on Héli. The more evil-oriented Crests decided they needed to be in on the game and the other six Sigils were created and soon there were twelve individuals who could use the Flares of the Crests. They became known as the Flàré.

Élèm finally got off his relaxed ass and realised the Crests had betrayed him. He banished the Crests to dungeons and never let them see the light of the world again. Each had their own dungeon. Élèm also broke all of the Sigils and split them across the land, issuing a challenge for the Crests to try to beat him in his own game. The Crests began to try to use the Flàré to fight the battle against Élèm for them. Élèm also set a trap for the Flàré so that, unless they solved the puzzle, they would never be able to attain enough power to defeat him. From the dungeons where they were hidden, the land around them began to become extremely habitable, and as such, towns, ports, cities and villages began to spring up near or on the fertile land.

To this day, no-one in Héli was able to work out the trap that Élèm set for the Flàré. However, it is said that there is a way to take him down. The prophecy does seem to have something to do with it, but no-one's solved it.

To stop any confusion, Héli is the name given to the continent of Nàbra's past - a land where there was no division.

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