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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Politics of Calína

So far, we have come to the understanding that the The City of Calínatè has four Districts, and thus four people who seem to be in charge of each District, the District Heads. As a minimum, they seem to be immune from all the rules that are placed upon the people of Calína, and they can make as many as they need to enforce the position of the Shùryàh as leader and ruler of the island.

Marquis Aníl is the first to have been met in person, which is an entirely odd achievement due to the fact that most have not even set eyes on the Marquis, though they know he must live in the Estate that is in the central area of the Southern District.

The City makes sure the rules are obeyed by the people of Calína by employing a large number of guards. The City Guard of the Southern District are very strict and wear light blue sashes so to distinguish them from any members of the guard in the different Districts. they enforce the law in the Southern District, and thus have many exemptions themselves in order for them to enforce said law.

In this section, we will delve deeper into the way the Shùryàh controls the entire City-continent that is Calína.

More will appear as we learn it...

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