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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crest of Éru

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Éru is the Crest related to the manipulation of the heavens.

Éru, who is said to calm the thoughts of all men, and who is also said to be pure in all aspects, has never revealed her true form. Being of the innersphere, she is the manifestation of that which is heavenly. She chooses to favour the elves. Her colour was chosen as a representation of absolute purity. Her symbol is said to show the rising of the soul. Those touched by her are said to have holy personalities.

The Flares:
Sétài: Holy Light

This is perhaps the simplest, yet non-flavourful Flare this Flàré has the potential of using. This is because it is straight damage, and not something that would be considered a natural progression for those of Éru. This is a simple beam of light that reaches down from the heavens and strikes the target for 1d8 damage. The user can create up to 3 beams for every 5 levels they are. The beams can only be used singularly at first, and as they grow more accustomed to their power, they can use more per round, maximum three.

Kàtài: Martyr Cover
The Flàré's body is completely surrounded by white light, at this point, they will take no damage, but they must put their body on the line. They can cover whom so ever they choose to, but if it is their own self, they will take half damage. Any opponent walking into the shield will take 1d8 damage.

Rútài: Pure Strike
The user concentrates for a second, and a white flash of light engulfs the target and blinds it for a second or so. Everyone around sees the flash, but is not dazed as much by it. This can deal 2d8 worth of damage, and it also converts the target to a good alignment.

Luètài: Heaven's Might
This ability extends the damage dealing aspect of the Flàré, and allows them to now control a much larger amount of white light. Instead of a heaven-born beam, this time the opponent experiences just pure white light from everywhere. As in, it is only them that experiences it. This attack can deal 6d8 damage to someone who is not pure.

Dàkúrùtài: Purity
This takes the last ability one step further, and converts any object, removing all that is evil from it and replacing with only what is good. The target feels a huge spirit form inside them, one that takes away all the pain and suffering. This is in addition to the white light the see and feel. This now has the power to be used to change one person's alignment on both scales from evil to good, and from chaotic to lawful. As it suggests, it deals damage as well, now 8d8 damage, but only on those who are not pure to begin with.

The Bílèfári:
Harder to detail as a concept, this Flàré have innate sense of what is happening 'upstairs' and as such their Sékàrúfári is a loss of this feeling.
Luèfári: Instead of losing a simple form of communication, the user suddenly feels like they have lost all their spirituality. This is a result of the sheer pure force they just loosed from themselves in that Heaven's Might.
Dàkúrùfári: The user has completely lost all form of their soul for a while and are effectively an 'empty shell'.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Diamond Màdj

One of the brightest colours of all the Gàló, this one has a pulsating nature to it and is as white as pure white, and blinding to most when they look at it. Should you be able to see it, it looks like a faceted icosahedron of purity, and makes the sound of a pure high-pitched bell-like tone if you listen closely to it.

This form has the exact same shape as the Tài-Fári form. The only difference is the colour, that this form is the purest white-colour you can imagine. The symbol for the Crest stays where it was before and if you listen closely, there is a faint sound of a pure, bell-like sound that could be heard from within in the Màdj.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:

The person closes their eyes for a moment, and makes peace with world while concentrating that peace on their skin.

The skin hair of the person turns entirely white. The hair and eyebrows also turn white, and the very centre of their pupils now has a white glow. They hover above ground ever so slightly - they leave no footprint.

Séiléhsti: Díasmí, the Greatsword
Díasmí is almost as tall as an elf, and is made of pure light. However, the power of Éru flows through the weapon and this makes it completely useless if wielded by anyone but the Flàré of Éru. This also means it cannot cut it's Flàré either. The weapon has great strength, giving the user a straight +8 to his/her attack, dealing 4d10 damage with a 17-20 critical range. With the Gàló-Màdj, the weapon has a long-range ability similar to the 1st Flare of the Éru, but less powerful. It is rumored that it has ability to purify anything it touches.

Key: Diamond Glass

Zodiac: Dog
Éru Zodiac

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