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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Continental Relations: Nàbra

Nàbra has many relations with the other continents, the most interesting of which is that continent to the north. So far, the only information we have received has been about this continent, but I'm sure we will here more about the others sooner or later...

The Elusive Northern Continent
This continent seems to be springing up more frequently now. The extra information that comes from this unnamed place will be placed here:

Wars do not happen often, but they are usually against another continent to the north. We were living in a time of relative peace, so no-one has seen much of these people from the north. Stories say that these foreigners ride wolves. They dress similarly to us, but have a different skin colour and weird skin markings or tattoos of spiral-like patterns, sometimes jagged, which look more random than anything. They speak common, but with an accent, and their society is also suspected to be a monarchy. Their diplomatic envoys bring unusual spices, fruits and animals which do not exist in Nàbra. Other known trade items are weird animals known as pigs.

We came across a group of merfolk who were correctly identified as northerners by Loban, not much else is known about them, but they sure as hell can't speak common.

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