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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Be Strong, Know Your Weakness

So, you've heard that some people are taking more damage than they should? They're taking double damage?! Some people are only taking half damage! And on top of that, it seems some people are just taking heaps of damage that get's nullified. What the hell is going on?

So, you worked it out! As an absolute minimum, every Crest has a weakness and a strength. Below, you will find a list, which will be fleshed out as times passes, about which Crests are weak to others and which are stronger. I will use the terms resistance, weakness, ineffective, and nullification, to mean: takes x0.5 damage, takes 2x damage, takes 0 damage, and takes the damage but it's instantaneously reverted as if the person took no damage, respectively (i.e. there is a difference between nullification and ineffective)...

Resistance(s): Lòég, Lsòla
Weakness(es): Clèsi, Nàrrice, Gé
Ineffective: Téiq
Nullification: Véri

Resistance(s): Lsòla, Gé
Weakness(es): Ynèré, Téiq
Ineffective: Lòég
Nullification: Frònéi

Resistance(s): Véri, Nàrrice, Dàé
Weakness(es): Lòég, Lsòla
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Clèsi

Resistance(s): Lòég, Lsòla, Téiq
Weakness(es): Frònéi, Dàé
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Ynèré

Resistance(s): Frònéi, Úshk, Gé
Weakness(es): Véri, Clèsi, Éru
Ineffective: Ynèré
Nullification: Nàrrice

Resistance(s): Véri, Éru, Gé, Téiq
Weakness(es): Ynèré, Úshk
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Lòég

Resistance(s): Dàé, Gé
Weakness(es): Téiq
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Úshk

Resistance(s): Lsòla, Téiq
Weakness(es): Dàé, Gé
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Éru

Resistance(s): Éru, Gé
Weakness(es): Frònéi, Ynèré, Úshk
Ineffective: Téiq
Nullification: Lsòla

Resistance(s): Úshk, Gé, Téiq
Weakness(es): Frònéi, Éru
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Dàé

Resistance(s): Véri, Éru, Dàé
Weakness(es): Frònéi, Clèsi, Lsòla
Ineffective: -
Nullification: Téiq

Resistance(s): Úshk, Lsòla
Weakness(es): Frònéi, Véri, Clèsi, Éru
Ineffective: Nàrrice, Dàé
Nullification: Gé

Oh, and here's something to note - when the Crest/Flàré tries to attack something which is of the same colour (i.e. if they ever try to attack their own kind) the damage is absorbed. This is, in effect, a cure spell for those of the same colour. But it will not ever work as a way to cure oneself - this effect only works if the intended target for the attack is not the user of the attack.

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