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Friday, July 11, 2008

Unlock Your Destiny!

Ok, so another new section! In this one, I'm going to add information (as it comes) about the Keys for the Chambers that hold the Crests. But first, let me tell you about the Shrines ad Chambers!

To begin, there is a Shrine (of some description) and a Chamber associated to each Crest, and that there is one Crest associated with each place of settlement on Héli. However, the Shrines have almost all been forgotten about. It is said that even the Clans, who all choose to live far from their Crest as a result of a superstition, have forgotten where the Shrines are. That said, the Shrines must be somewhere...

In relation to the Chambers, there is an external lock for each one. Each lock needs somewhere between one and three Keys to unlock it. The lock may be far removed from the place of the Chamber itself, or it may be literally right on top of the Chamber. The Chambers are all hidden for good reason. But, the Keys to the unlock the Chambers have been scattered around the continent. It was asked of the Flàré that they try to unlock the Crests to set them free.

However, the Flàré for Gé and Téiq have never found any of the Keys they need. It has been assumed for centuries that there are no Keys for those Chambers, but that never sat well with anyone since the it was told that every Chamber has a Lock, and that every Lock could be unlocked...

Below is a list of the Keys that had been found so far in the campaign:

Amethyst Dagger - given to Raigi by the Fortune Teller of The Town of Dàlmahs.
Amethyst Knife - found by Raigi in the Bowyer of Bésàh Village.
Carnelian Eye - found by Locke, who managed to slip it off the arm of the Trademaster in The Port-Town of Nàhstre.
Diamond Glass - found by Loban in the second floor of the Chandler of The Port-Town of Nàhstre.
Emerald Feather - found by Draven attached to the weather vane of the Astrologer of Bhújèr Town.
Jasper Geode - found by Caliban underneath a floorboard in a room of The Shine Inn in The Town of Dàlmahs.
Obsidian Skull - given to Raigi by Gindlàé, the glassblower of The Forest City of Ràbahna.
Sapphire Band - bought by Draven from a trader in The Town of Dàlmahs.
Sapphire Circlet - acquired by Caliban, after careful planning, from the Weaver of Mégáhre Port.
Silver Sprig - Raigi and Draven managed to stumble upon this item stuck in the wheel of the water mill in Lkíhlà City.
Silver Twig - Caliban was hit on the head by this while searching the rubble beneath the stage in the Crown Theatre of Mégáhre Port.
Topaz Cross - Loban was handed this from the Herbalist in Bhújèr Town.
Topaz Spike - found by Raigi in a hollow behind the Blacksmith of The Forest City of Ràbahna.

And here are the rest of the possible Keys that were available:

Amber Cog - the smaller of the two Amber Keys, it could have been found somewhere in the Holy House of Pelor, in the City of Áèthélle
Amber Gear - the larger of the two Amber Keys, it could have been acquired from the Potter in Lkíhlà City.
Jasper Cobble - Warm to touch, this odd V-shaped stone could have been acquired from the Alchemist in Port Zàhkár.
Jasper Rock - Warm to touch, this odd C-shaped stone could have been found in the Stables of Úhsélìk Town.
Obsidian Head - This one-horned skull could have been found in the Fisheries of The Port Town of Nàhstre.
Obsidian Cranium - This three-horned skull could have been found buried deep in the Slaughterhouses of The City of Brasukhà.
Sapphire Ring - the smallest of all the Sapphire Keys, it could have been found in the Flicker Fountain of Port Bélàhm

Finally, of course there were Keys for the Chambers of Gé and Téiq, but they had never actually been lost, so legend tells. It was considered a delicate enough balance to have two statues that were linked to the Spirit and Death of the world, thus they were always left intact. However, they still existed as Keys if anyone knew what they were, there were three Golden Antennae on the Golden Butterfly shrine in the Butterfly Sanctuary of the Town of Dàlmahs, and a Ruby Tail in the Rat statue in the centre of the City of Brasukhà.

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