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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sérèf

When we were talking to the Marquis Aníl, the Southern District Head, we were accused of hiding a Sérèf in our midst. He then went on to explain that the Sérèf is a Champion of the Emblem, one who is able to wield some of the Emblem's power, and therefore an evil being.

However, depending on which way you view it, the Sérèf is a being of good nature that could threaten the position of the Shùryàh, and as such, they don't want them to be anywhere near Calína.

In fact, the Sérèf is a mortal being. They are similar to the Flàré from the past in that they can utilise some of the Emblem's abilities and powers just by being themselves. The difference between the Sérèf and the Flàré is that the Sérèf do not require any items in order to access their abilities. They do have items that they created and imbued with power, but these were only tools to be used in case they were weak. There are four known Sérèf in the world of Córilìce at the moment and they are all assumed to be on different continents.

Because of the barrier placed over Calína, they too cannot reach the isle.

As we learn more about the Sérèf, I will add to this page.

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