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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Anísíhn Line

So we learned recently that there are families of ancient origin within the people of Calína. Not only are they of ancient origin, but they are family lines that have guarded what might be the most sought after item. They managed to keep it secret for centuries, and until only recently this secret was still well kept. However, the members of the party have just learned about two members, one from the North and one from the South, the latter of the two was extremely surprised about their knowledge of the ancient families.

The name, ancient family, is actually more of a colloquialism. They go by a different name in actuality, and that is Anísíhn. There are known thus as the Anísíhn of the Emblem they worship and guard many secrets that they have sworn to never tell anyone outside the family. Perhaps in desperate times, there are situations that call for desperate measures? Below you can find information relating to the Anísíhn as we learn it.

The Anísíhn of Àlyré:
So far, we have only met one member of this family, and his name is Rihzah. He leads the the Northern Rebellion and carries the idea Rune, Àlyrétè, underneath his left arm. He is hearty fellow and very loyal to his cause.

The Anísíhn of Ryúqol:
So far, we have only met one member of this family, and her name is Ríyàh. She leads a quiet life studying the ways of Ryúqol and the language of Cypher. She carries the idea Rune, Ryúqoltè, on her forehead.

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