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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Crest of Lòég

Lòég is the Crest related to the manipulation of the earth.

Lòég, who is said to enliven the ground on which we walk, and who is also said to be a brute in battle, has never revealed her true form. Being of the outersphere, she is the manifestation of the land. She chooses to favour the dwarves. Her colour was chosen as a representation of the colour of the lands of Córilìce. Her symbol is said to show a mountain range. Those touched by her are said to have grounded personalities.

The Flares:
Sétài: Block Pillar

The user is able to push their hands into the ground and make a pillar of dirt rise up out of the ground at a maximum of 100 feet distance from the user. The pillar is 60 feet tall at maximum, but this height is variable and it can be held in the air for a few second before the dirt collapses back into the ground. If this is used to attack someone, the damage dealt is 3d6. It is also possible for this ability to be used in a way to make the wall in the side of a tunnel explode (i.e. whack the side of the wall and some of it will come crashing into the tunnel itself).

Kàtài: Clay Spire
This is a more specific version of the previous Flare, where the user turns the pillar they make into a spire which they can then put under anyone that is in their vicinity. At this point, they can only do this on a 10-20 feet radius from themselves. But should the spire hit an enemy, they will take 5d6 damage.

Rútài: Mountain Delve
This is an extension of the Òtài as the user can now make the Earth beneath them in a 50 feet radius from themselves move in any which way they so chose. This can be quite a devastating ability as they can plunge entire houses into the ground by moving what's underneath the ground. However, an act such as that will use their energy up really quickly and the Bílèfári will happen very quickly. Using this as a shield is also possible and should the enemy touch the energy in the ground allowing it to do this, they will take 4d6 damage.

Luètài: Boulder Smash
The use can now condense the ground around them at a rapid pace and they can create boulders from clay or dirt or sand. They use a lot of energy doing this, so after creating 10 boulders at the full level, they will incur the Luèfári. Each boulder has the power of 6d6 behind it, and the user can only create one rock per round.

Dàkúrùtài: Fissure
Taking the ability to the extreme, having access to this Flare increases the range of the Second Flare to 200 feet radius; it increase the number of boulders they can make to 25; it allows them to move Earth from over 300 feet away, and it gives them access to the most destructive ability, they can create a massive hole in the ground, as a long crack in the space of one round. This can be reversed quickly, and should they manage to trap someone in the ground as it closes, they will take 10d6 damage.

The Bílèfári:
Almost for no reason, they user starts to feel excessively tired.
Luèfári: The user's body becomes so slow that taking one step feels like it's going to take the better half of the next century to complete. The feeling is coupled with an odd sense of losing touch with the earth from that Boulder Smash they just used.
Dàkúrùfári: The users body has turned to stone by this time. Well, not quite stone, but they won't be moving at all any time in the next millennium.

The Sigil:
Gàló-Màdj: The Jasper Màdj

Warm to touch, this Gàló has the very interesting texture to look at. It is effectively sand rolling over and over itself. The gritting sound that you might make when your feet touch hot, dry sand mixed with the wet gritty sand sound is what can be heard from inside.

This form is a beautifully brown coloured diamond. The symbol for the Crest is right in the centre and the gritty sand-like sound from the Màdj can still be faintly heard.

Dúà Lím: Coming Soon!

The Auxiliaries:
The Flàré draws power from the ground beneath them by planting their feet firmly in one place, and digging them in, ever so slightly.

The colour of their skin turns so dark, you can barely distinguish them from the ground or a trunk of a tall tree. Their eyes are the only obvious part of them that glow with an eerie presence. The skin colour is shades darker than anyone on Héli.

Séiléhsti: Aldèkón, the Mace
Aldèkón is a long and earthy mace that has 6 notches in it's length, making it look like a branch that has been petrified. Atop this mace is round ball of petrified clay which gleams in the sunlight. Long and brown, it is said to be stronger than diamond itself, giving the user a straight +10 bonus to his/her attack. It swings for 3d10 damage on a 17-20 critical range and with the Gàló-Màdj, every swing creates a mini sandstorm. It is rumoured to create pits in the ground.

Keys: Jasper Cobble, Jasper Geode, Jasper Rock

Zodiac: Horse
Lòég Zodiac

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