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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks, You're A Gem!

There are these things known as the Gàló-Màdj. They are round, faceted, and set into a piece of metal such that from a side view, the thing looks like a mini 'alien spaceship'! They have an inner glow (known as the Gàló) to them, but it is not just a glowing version of the colour - it just happened to be the case that the Gold Màdj that Réinyn obtained (the only one that we have seen), was in fact more of a glow than all of the others.

They are coveted by people from the other clans, and there have been many searches for them with the purpose of trying to obtain as many of these Gàló-Màdj as possible. In fact, it is said that they have a supreme power within them, and thus, by having many of them, one might be able to unlock the power hidden within them. Their real purpose is so far unknown.

With only four not seen found during the campaign (those of Ynèré, Lòég, Éru and Téiq), a complete list of the different Gàló associated with each of the Gàló-Màdj can be found below:

Frònéi: The Carnelian Màdj
There is fire inside this Màdj. It is permanently flickering as if there were a never ceasing wind inside the Màdj coming from all directions, but not all at the same time. You can hear the faintest of noises coming from it which reminds you a wood burning. The Gàló for this Màdj is perhaps the brightest of all the Gàló.

Véri: The Sapphire Màdj
Imagine a glass half-full with water, put you hand on it and shake it to bits. That's what the Gàló looks like within this Màdj. The only difference is that the movement is more like waves that splash up the side of the blue-faceted gem and crash back on itself. It is slightly hypnotic to watch.

Ynèré: The Amber Màdj
This Màdj has a bright yellow colour - a colour that can be seen from miles away, even in the darkest of nights. Inside it is many tendrils of light that are revolving around a centre core such that it looks like a ball of twine made of light. If you listen closely, you can hear a faint buzzing sound.

Clèsi: The Topaz Màdj
Inside this Màdj, there is an icicle that is constantly reforming itself so that if you left this Màdj on a table within 5 minutes, you would see about 6 different looking icicles. When put to the ear, you can hear a faint cracking which sounds like a block of ice being dunked in water for the first time.

Lòég: The Jasper Màdj
Warm to touch, this Gàló has the very interesting texture to look at. It is effectively sand rolling over and over itself. The gritting sound that you might make when your feet touch hot, dry sand mixed with the wet gritty sand sound is what can be heard from inside.

Nàrrice: The Emerald Màdj
This Màdj is a green faceted gem, and its Gàló is swirling green lines. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of wind ripping round corners coming from within this Màdj.

Éru: The Diamond Màdj
One of the brightest colours of all the Gàló, this one has a pulsating nature to it and is as white as pure white, and blinding to most when they look at it. Should you be able to see it, it looks like a faceted icosahedron of purity, and makes the sound of a pure high-pitched bell-like tone if you listen closely to it.

Úshk: The Obsidian Màdj
This Màdj doesn't seem to have a Gàló. The reason being that it is almost impossible to see. The pitch blackness inside is actually pulsating slowly from the centre of the Màdj. It is better seen at night.

Dàé: The Amethyst Màdj
This faceted jewel-like part of the Sigil glows with the purple colour of Dàé. When held, it feels as though there is immense power locked inside. The Gàló itself is a purple colour that throbs and pulsates within the Màdj, constantly growing larger and smaller at a slow pace.

Lsòla: The Silver Màdj
The faceted style of this Màdj looks like it would have been colourless except for what it encases. The swirling mass of molten metal inside the Màdj is very silver in colour and seems to be constantly spinning, there are solar-flare style tails to the spinning motion occasionally.

Gé: The Gold Màdj
This Màdj has a bright shining light within it. It can be seen that the light has jagged edges to it such that in two dimensions, it looks like a star from a distance. The light is a very golden colour.

Téiq: The Ruby Màdj
The most mesmerizing of all the Gàló, this red colour is so dark, it's almost a crimson colour. The pulsating nature to this one is the most pronounced, especially when in places where there is little light, the Gàló is powerful enough to light the room, but dwindles away to nothing soon afterwards. If you listen closely, you can hear the faintest sound of a gurgling/bubbling noise.

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