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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Have I Met You?

Of course, in the wonderful new continent of Calína, there will be many people that we meet, most of course will be humans, as they are the only and therefore the predominant race on the island, but there might be some others of different races. In this section, I will detail the information that is pertinent to each and every one of them.

A more straight-down-the-line-type of woman, Ari spends her time talking and plotting against the Marquis. She has fair looks and long blonde hair, making her very sought after. In fact, after meeting and having a very open conversation with the new bouncer of The Blue Lagoon, none other than Baccus, they disappeared quickly, not to be seen again til the morning. She is marked by Ryúqol, wearing the Ryúqoltè just inside her left shoulder, underneath her garments. It looks sort of blue, like a tattoo. She is the leader of the Southern Uprising and feels that the party could be very useful to their endeavours.

We first met Àlayà when she was being fawned over by two skinny men and the two bouncers of The Dragoon, a Tavern on the eastern side of the Southern District. The most distinctive features about her is the short vest and skirt that she wore as well as the long blond hair that she wears in a high pony-tail, and of course the fact that she's an elf. She was not well-received upon her entry to the island after being ditched by rogue pirate crew, most likely of Calína origin, who decided rather than take her to Prastésòli on the high seas, ended up returning home instead and left her stranded. She is a follower of Ygéà and gave us much helpful information about more of the Sérèfi.

One of the most strict members of the guard who is seen to commonly frequent the Southern Plaza. He is the largest human you have ever met, a giant at 8'3''. His whole family, brother, sister, mother and father and since been disposed of as they all broke the law. He has such a fear of breaking the law himself, he forces all others to uphold the law. He knows perhaps too much about the laws to do with fornication, and prefers that his fanciful name be not known to many, thus he calls himself Bóhb. He owns both an apartment in the Southern District, as well as a house with his wife in the Western end of the Southern District. It is not uncommon for guards to have a rest house while they are on duty.

This lovely man is a devout of Ryúqol and also the owner and barkeep of The Blue Lagoon Tavern in the Southern District. He is of medium build , has brown hair and green eyes. He follows the teaching of Ryúqol very seriously and can be of a lot of help as a result. He has one of the highest rates for his Inn, not to mention the food he serves.

Marquis Aníl:
This man is wears a feather or two in his hat, spends far too much time on how he presents himself, but then spends the rest of his day in his day room, behind his desk. No-one sees him much, so if he ever gets out, he would be considered one of the common folk that is just dressed a little more flamboyantly. He is the District Head of the Southern District of The City of Calínatè. He governs the entirety of the Southern District and what he says goes as he is one step below The Shùryàh. He has a small weakness to the idea that people would kill for him rather than himself, other than that, he is bent on killing anyone who disobeys the law. He is a son of House Drèklóhàn.

Míyà certainly seems to cause more trouble than she's worth. She heads the meetings that are taken place to connect the devout of Ryúqol. She tells the people of the meeting that she is the leader of the Southern Uprising and that she will be the one to lead them to victory over the Marquis. She is most certainly highly skilled with the knife and has been seen to so far pull four knives at one time. It is of interesting note that she doesn't really care for security much and at night, her blue eyes can be seen to be sparkling with an almost flickering-flame deep aqua blue colour that is almost certainly unnatural...

This huge man has a hearty laugh, and is always good for a drink whenever you need company. He has spent many a year traveling throughout the whole of The City of Calínatè, and knows many of the shorter distance between the different Districts, and many of the underground routes as well. He is much more well-known for his charismatic behaviour as well as his size. He is almost twice a normal man abreast, is 7ft tall with a beard that runs a ring around his head. He is by far the most stand-out member of any crowd. He told the party that he leads the Northern Rebellion, which must mean he has been marked by Àlyré. This was later confirmed to us when he showed us his marking, underneath his left arm, the idea Rune Àlyrété. He seems to know one member of the party well and has a strong loyal connection with them, the same member carrying the Emblem Rune for Àlyré. He is now known to be a descendant of the Anísíhn of Àlyré.

This lovely, but slightly quiet scholar is one of the hidden members of the devout of Ryúqol. She is a smaller girl with short, thin red hair to her shoulders and blue eyes. Living under the protection of Nàshe, she spends her time learning the ways of the Ryúqol and teaching them to others. She also researches Cypher and wears the idea Rune, Ryúqoltè, on her forehead. She knows people within the Southern Uprising and can get you access to the meetings that are held fairly frequently. She is also known to be a descendant of the Anísíhn of Ryúqol.

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