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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So, How Do I Look?

When the Flàré activate, some things about them change. One of the most important parts about activating is the ability to use the Flares at will. (Remember though, that when a Flàré is deactivated, a very weak form of their 'natural' manipulation occurs constantly - they can't control it very well.) The other most important part is that the physical appearance of some of the body parts of the Flàré also change. Below is a list of the changes, according to the Crest they have been touched by:

The hair of the Flàré turns a bright orange, but only in streaks. Their fingertips glow orange as well.

The toe-nails of the target turn blue and their toes become slightly webbed.In addition, an extra fold of skin appears between the two arm bones, around the elbow. It looks triangular or fin-like in shape and is also blue in colour.

The palms of the target turn a yellow colour and become rather calloused and hard. In addition, their eyes turn a weirdly bright yellow colour, off-putting to most.

The bone of the shoulders of the Flàré extend through the skin and have an aqua colour. Their breath becomes cloudy and their ears are slightly more pointed.

The colour of their skin turns so dark, you can barely distinguish them from the ground or a trunk of a tall tree. Their eyes are the only obvious part of them that glow with an eerie presence. The skin colour is shades darker than anyone on Héli.

The bone of the shoulder blades of the Flàré extend through the back and have a green colour. The bottom and back part of their hair is coloured green.

The skin hair of the person turns entirely white. The hair and eyebrows also turn white, and the very centre of their pupils now has a white glow. They hover above ground ever so slightly - they leave no footprint.

Although we have seen the Flàré in a definitively active state, no apparent difference was noticed. The reason for this is of course that the appearance of this Flàré is the simplest one to hide. Their chest is imbued with a jet-black symbol of Úshk and a jagged scar appears over their heart.

The forehead of the Flàré turns purple in the shape of a teardrop. The hair above their ears turns purple.

A band at the top of the arms and legs of the Flàré turns silver. Their arms ad legs become stronger.

So, we had most definitely seen her activated, but she hid her features well as well. Her fingernails were a complete golden hue. And the centre area of her hair, otherwise thought of as the mo-hawk-style is coloured a deep golden colour as well.

Possibly the least obvious, unless you could see through his dark cloak. His eye colour was a dark crimson. He also had pronounced clawing of the hands and feet, but he kept them hidden as well.

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