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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

News & Updates #34

Alright then. We had our second session last night, and after finding some armour for our new guard recruit, the night turned out to be an interesting fight followed by some serious information slog. As a result, we met two new people, one who seemed to know us for a while and said we had been on the Island before now. We also learned many new things to help us understand the world we are living in.

So, you will see that there have been plenty of updates regarding all the new pieces of information we obtained, and a new page detailing the new items we were given. I have added it all in the following pages:

The Emblems
The Words

The Shùryàh
The Districts
The People


The Sérèf
The Sérèfi
The Language

And the New Page:
The Impyrà

And so there is plenty to look over and be satisfied with.

Enjoy deciphering!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

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