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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

News & Updates #35

Alright then. We had our third session last night, and after meeting a new friend, who has turned out to be more of a drunk than a friend, getting a new dress and talking a lot to some important people, including an Elf of all races, we had a good night, and more information was revealed.

So, you will see that there have been plenty of updates regarding all the new pieces of information we obtained, and a new page detailing the ancient families that we learned about. I have added it all in the following pages:

The Emblems
The Words

The Politics
The Districts
The People

The Sérèfi
The Runes
The Emblem Runes
The Impyrà

And the New Page:
The Anísíhn

And so there is plenty to look over and be satisfied with.

Enjoy deciphering!

There's hidden meaning in everything...
Never stop trying to understand...

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